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2006 Fanfic Panel - Planing Discussion

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I'm starting this new thread as a place to discuss the Fanime 2006 Fanfic Panel.

If you have attended previous panels and have ideas for making the 2006 panel better, then please start the discussion here.

Akira Miyamoto:
Well, I feel that people should've gotten the chance to say what their author name was, that way, they could've been looked up at a later time. then again, I arrived late, so...

I thought the panel last year was awesome, only, I sort of have hearing issues, so basically after every single person said a comment, my sister had to lean over and tell me what they said cause they were all so dang quiet! >.< ( I felt so bad, people probably though we were being rude and talking when they were...) So, maybe if there's anyway to get a mike to pass around? I don't know...but the silence was just overwhelming and it was hard for me to hear what everyone was saying. However, I still thought it was awesome, cause I learned alot cause it was set up in a good way. ^^

Akira Miyamoto: would've been nice if there was strawberry pocky...

I really want to delve into the aspects of OOC fansubbing and how to express love without sex or corniness. Lots of fanfics lack ambience, and that's what really makes one truly stand out.

EDIT: fanFICTIONing. Bleh, blame animesuki.



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