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Maul Starbucks.. er..

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And, in case there's ANY questionability about the Starbuckses in San Jose, there's THREE over here in li'l Scotts Valley. And there's MORE general cafés:

Coffee Cat
Abouché (Reccomended)
Joe To Go
Surf City

That makes SEVEN.
Any uuber-coffee freaks would do well to make a pilgrimage to Scotts Valley. ('course, the same applies to Real Estate enthusiasts too... AND cell-phreaks.)

Oh, there's definitely no need to go to Scotts Valley for your share of coffeehouse propaganda, I mean, Starbucks. There are probably two dozen of them within the city limits. Not to mention local coffeehouses (Willow Glen Coffee Roasting ain't bad), and so forth. I mean, we are the heart of Silicon Valley, home of plenty of both coffee-loving computer geeks and other trendy coffee-drinking types.


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--- Quote from: "Tuplica" ---printing out flyers after you get there?  Pricey and rushed.
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Rushed, maybe, but the convention center is very close to some college campus.  There's got to be student-priced copy centers somewhere nearby.
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yes there is a little college.  It just happens to be the oldest public univeristy west of the mississippi called Sam Jose State Univeristy aka State or CSU San Jose.  Although it would be quite a walk (five blocks) and no there isn't a student priced copy center near.  Kinko's is not student priced.
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And, had you tried to use Kinko's this year, you would have discovered that the copy machines were *very* busy dealing with Fanime publications already.  Fluffy, we curse thee!  ^_^;

On a different note, I have a new favorite for late, late night Fanime food; Pita Pit!  Open until 3am, and the cooks at the grill know their anime series!  Was cool watching them chat with cosplayers about their characters while grilling up the pitas.  Plus, they had $1 off coupons in the Fanime registration area, and they're only 2 blocks from the convention center, so it's an easy trip to grab food you can bring back to eat.  :)


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