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Future MusicFest 2006 Guest Possibilities?

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I haven't seen a thread on this (unless I missed it), so I'll be the one to start.

Who are you all interested in seeing at Fanime, and actually have a chance of showing up/performing? (Sorry to break it to some of you, but Malice Mizer already disbanded years ago. And Gackt would be nice, but I highly doubt he'll come to an anime con. He's too renowned for an anime con, he'll probably want his own concert someplace big...)

After seeing ZZ perform, I think a possibility is UVERworld, the band that did one of the opening themes for the anime BLEACH. They're a really new band, and they're not like L'Arc~en~Ciel or a few other bands with a very big name that lowers the possibility of them becoming guests. Although they are new, they're very talented. Their very first single, which is all that's out at the moment, is great and showcases a lot of future talent.

Hopefully, there a chance that the Fanime staff will try and get them to perform next year! They're a really awesome band, and I believe they'll be great guests to have.

Well, there's a general thread for possible guests where people have been suggesting new MusicFest guests:

yeah larc would be nice

psst KOTOKO psst (sorta) Horie Yui-sama

I'd think Gackt would make our pre-registration -- pre-registration! skyrocket. But yeah, there were plenty of suggestions and boobies in that thread...

how about:
ZZ (they were awesome)
Beat Crusaders
Puffy (would be cool)
Nami Tamaki

Many others too... just part of my wish list


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