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Future MusicFest 2006 Guest Possibilities?

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KOTOKO ( I must reiterate for great justice!)
Lia (Come on)
Little by Little (Not only Naruto's 3rd OP, but Yaki!'s 3rd ED)
Horie Yui (Cause her songs and character roster are growing)
Ramen and Rice (This should be a given :))
The Indigo (Under the blue sky~ hm hm hm hmmm mmm mmm~)


Nina Star 9:
horie yui (i like her...)
amano tsukiko (has been grwoing in popularity ever since doing two video game themes, but still seems to be fairly unknown. plus, she rules.)

i second Beat Crusaders. but what bands would really be willing to come to america?

Other than my obvious choices of L'Arc~en~Ciel, Camino, ZZ, Duel Jewel, etc., I would like to throw this idea out there, even if it might be a little weird xD

I would LOVE to see NEWS for MusicFest. I don't usually like groups from Johnny's Jimusho, but for some unknown reason *coughMasudaTakahisacough* I've become attached to them. xD Their songs are very pop, but they're entertaining and catchy xD

And might be tough to get L'Arc~en~Ciel over, but maybe...we could invite one or two of their solo projects xD I, for one, would LOVE if we could get Yukihiro's solo project, acid android.

How about Daisuke Asakura? Or Kenichi Ito? Or Porno Graffiti?


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