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Final Fantasy X and X-2 Gathering '06

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Hello everyone!

This is the Final Fantasy X and X-2 Gathering thread for Fanime06. Last year we got a whole bunch of people who said they were going to be there, but there were only about 8 of us that showed up. So this thread is going up early to make sure a lot of people know about it and show up ^_^

The list of people and their costumes will go up first, and then we all can decide on a date and location (probably in front of the fountains) later.

So, who's going and as who? :) Please let me know if you'll be there or if you're undecided (This is also posted at

(Note: means they are on the Message Board, ? = Unsure about attending)

Date: Saturday, May 27th
Time: 4:00pm
Location: Fountains

Final Fantasy X
Tidus: AFadingDream ?(
Yuna (summoner): BlitzAceTidus ? (, Strawberry Neko ? (, Twilight_Rain ? (
Auron: Amidoji [Desert Chikins]
Rikku: Smidge [Desert Chikins]
Lulu : Ska_Kitti

Final Fantasy X-2
Berserker: Shiya Wind*
Gunner: Hikaru-Jan (, Yunie_Blitz (, h-chan*
Songstress: Crystalike (
Thief: Shiya Wind*(
Trainer: h-chan*
(Undecided): Kokuu (

Thief: audioventchick's cousin, Caineyamiyasha (

Lady Luck: Siylphyide
Omatsurishi/Festival Goer: audioventchick's cousin
Warrior: ~Raine~Cloud~ (

Brother: shobbs (Sharsachan's friend)
Lenne : audioventchick (, Crystalike (
Rin: Sharsachan [Desert Chikins]
Tonberry King: Evolution (
Tonberry (Chibi): Jujubeans' friend ? (
Tonberry: Jyunishinsho

* Means undecided costume

Gah! I still need to do Auron. I might be able to do it this year.

That would be kewl to have an Auron there! Shall I put you down as a maybe? :D

Ya go ahead.

I'll be attending as Lulu. Please keep me updated. ^_^ I will do the same bc I'm not sure if I'll be staffing the coming year or not.

I should also add that perhaps it may be more efficient that you plan a general Final Fantasy gathering? It may be better for everyone to attend one BIG gathering that one for VI, VIII, etc.

My only concern is that I'll also be making Vivi and Black Waltz #3, so maybe they can attend without feeling out of the gathering. :)


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