[Game] 1000 Blank Anime Cards

Started by ced1106, September 19, 2005, 01:26:37 PM

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But first, if you haven't heard of the "1000 Blank White Cards" game, follow this link... http://www.geocities.com/nconner23/bwcards.html

Okay, welcome back. I'm tossing out this thread if a version of the "1000 Blank White Cards" game that can be played on a forum thread. Since 1KBWK is a social game, I'm also thinking of proposing it run at Fanime Tabletop Gaming in 2006.

So read the rules, and post here if you're interested in playing a forum thread version and/or seeing it in tabletop next year. I'll need at least two other players to start, then I'll post the rules. And, yes, if you're interested in joining tabletop but don't have any games in mind to host, 1KBWK would make a good candidate.

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How would a forum thread version work?
What is the difference between an anime version of the game and the generic version?