Street Style [EGL, Decora...] Fashion Show?

Started by Babbit_Chan, November 04, 2005, 06:02:05 PM

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oh I'e seen those outfits, there adorable I've never heard of that name before either. What does ero stand for though ?

The ones i posted are the best example IMO of more western ideas of people making loli outfits sexy, but like dorian said they just look chessy =/ I mean the first picture i posted the outfit doesn't even flatter her =X
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ero is for erotic, kinda like ero-guro. I first heard it on a gothic lolita forum and was puzzled myself, but they were all super helpful

Captaine Kit

Wow, the Wiki article (エログロ) was not daunting at all. . . .

And the Ero-Loli article, check out what someone says down in the comments: "One of my friends is a guy. . . ."  Wheee.

As for the Ero-Loli fashion scene, I'm just going to call that goth.  By the name, I would have guessed there was a lighter side that Eros might have touched in the Gothic Lolitaness of it all.  The examples depicted just scream Goth.  I know some kids who pop up at FanimeCon doing the vampyre Eurogoth thing, and I've seen how there is no dancing at some Goth clubs, but it gets old fast.  (We should go to Sydney, AUS clubs.  :b)

I'm aware there are many subgroups of white people Goth as well, but that one word which communicates a platinum-lined wallet dedicated to buying anything black is the one word where I stop caring.  Also as someone who grew up 1 block from the fabric store and wears hand-me-downs or buys second-hand clothes, I value the balance of taste and a unique closet that isn't defined by even the alterna-trend du jour.  

One thing you will notice from the designers at FanimeFashion (if y'all are attending that anyway) is that the clothing isn't defined by just somebody else's scene offshore.  You will see elements that remind you of movements in fashion, but hey, no one designs to be a copycat.

On another note, Goth on the inside, and I never shop at Pop T*pic but for jewellery.
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Quote from: "DayDreamerNessa"if your talking about japanese gothic lolita there is no sexual intention, though western gothic fashion does have a sexual side.

what i hate most is when i see girls claiming there being gothic lolita or lolita, yet there wearing low cut designed tops showing off there boobs, or wearing really short skirts/dresses, it's very rare that i come across anything like that in gothic lolita if ever.

this is lolita

these are not..
yay for people who can tell the difference! ^^
no really, i have a pet ninja.

Captaine Kit

I like how we quote the links that come with regular bodies of text.  Is there just not enough PR for what we say on the boards?  'Here . . . I'm not using enough space in my post.
If I leave out the important stuff, it might count . . . somehow.'
FanimeCon Presents: Antagonite Fashion

Midnight Ryoko

I'm a jrock cosplayer, and I'd like to be in this thing...but because I'm blind or didn't see it, what exactly does this entail?
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Is this event still happening? Or is it tied in with the other fashion show?

Captaine Kit

This doesn't sound like a Live Programming event, just 'what-if' posts.  Sorry to be 'that guy' to break it.
FanimeCon Presents: Antagonite Fashion


Midnight Ryoko

well, [WHAT IF] why not make it an actual event..?
"If all the world was painted dark, and all the skies turned grey, then please tell me [if you could] when would it be day?"

Captaine Kit

Because no one volunteered to draft the plan for it, gather a team, publicize it, and most importantly, run it.

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FanimeCon Presents: Antagonite Fashion

Midnight Ryoko

"If all the world was painted dark, and all the skies turned grey, then please tell me [if you could] when would it be day?"


Is this actually progressing anywhere.. <<?

Kazuhide Aeiji

If things go through with my people, there may be a Lolita Fashion panel. MAY.


Lolita Kisama isn't gonna even put together another fashion show for Fanime this year?? :x
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(ノ•ω•)ノ Yay!


sounds like fun! Id totally want to sign up for either Decora or Ganguro.
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