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Started by Ari, November 05, 2005, 11:01:57 AM

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Quote from: "Kazuko"well i got email from apple sugar that they changed the tea party to saturday because there arent many signed up for sunday. x: so saturday it is then

Oh...:( Too much confusion. I wish I knew that she changed the date before I set the date for the one I planned to be Saturday. Hmm...


The -official- time, as of yesterday at 4:33PM is Sunday at 1:30PM (That's the photoshoot. I dunno about a tea party or anything this year)

Edit: I THINK that said official time is not Applesugar's. I found it on the CA_EGL community. Is clarification possible? My outfit's full Sweet Lolita and is darn hard to get in and out of so the more time I can plan, the better :3

Edit 2: Woot. Actually reading the thread helps, Lin. The person who I can only assume is applesugar on the Ca_egl livejournal community has announced that her photoshoot is 1:30PM on Sunday.

I myself will try to get to both. :p My outfit will be a pink outfit (Edit 3: Brand is Lucky Pinky. I keep forgetting the name) and I myself will hopefully look better than last year. (I was the blonde boy in the black and white dress, cat ears, and PVC jacket)
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weird cause now im officially confused D:


Sorry! >_<

I think that the official Fanime Goth Loli thing is, as mentioned, Saturday at 1:30. It seems that there is also ANOTHER Goth Loli thing on SUNDAY at 1:30 at the fountain. o_O

To whichever organizers use this thread: Is Sweet Loli okay? :p
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Let me try to clear up any confussion:

I've since gotten an email form Applesugar. Her thing (photoshoot, tea and raffle) is definatly on Saturday at 12:30. Meeting place is her art row table.

J9_photos on livejournal is me. My thing (photoshoot, starting at fountains, ending in park right around the corner) is going to be on Sunday ay 1:30 (because Applesugar changed her's to Saturday).

*I wouldn't concider either of them the official Fanime Goth Loli thing. :) Just fun gatherings.
*If you want to go to the one on Saturday Applesugar requested that you email her to let her first, that way she knows how much stuff to bring. Since mine is just a photoshoot anyone can show up, no need to rsvp.
*Sweet Loli and any other sub catagory of Gothic Loli is A-ok by me.

Does it all make sense now?

Nina Star 9

aww... then i cannot make it to either. >>


Quote from: "Nina Star 9"aww... then i cannot make it to either. >>
Aww, sorry to hear that. :(



Who's the lucky bastard in the top hat?

Also... maybe I should attend this next year.


This year was my first year doing gothic lolita


Did you have fun? ^_^
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Yes!I want to start looking for a new dress for nxt year! :D

the only thing was My feet hurt real bad from wearing heels all day :p
hehe this is me (not a very good pic though lol)


I am sad that I missed the Loli tea party. I really liked my lolita outfit and I would have liked to show it off :]


there was a tea party??..

aawww i guess i missed it too

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I'm sooo sad and devistated that I didn't get to go! I didn't ever receive my package in time to go to ANYTHING because my stupid Dad decided to go to church rather then wait for my package and other shit!! It's TERRIBLE!! :cry:  :cry:

Oh well there's always next year @.@


i saw a number of people dressed up like this..


i am still confused on what the excitment over this is...since the word "loli" carries an extremely negative connotation with it.

and gothic loli is only seemingly acceptable in Japan cuz loli hentai holds the largest business and revenue each year :\

but none the less cosplay is cosplay and i am very happy to see someone dress up as Bara from Rozen Maiden. (with the eye patch as well)


There's a significant connotation difference between 'Gosurori,' the term describing Mana's clothing line that started the whole craze, and 'Rorikon,' which refers to the Lolita Complex. Gosurori has no more of a negative connotation than cosplay does. Rorikon is a form of pedophilia. One is a fashion style. The other is a fetish.
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good point

guess i can't always group the word loli with negative means.

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*Nods nods* Yeah there IS a world of difference between the two, although I didn't realize that Mana had started that fashion trend....but it DOES make a lot of sense ^^


Quote from: "butterflyz"This year was my first year doing gothic lolita

Which one were you? I'm the dude in the maroon dress with cat ears!