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Started by Magical Senpai, November 16, 2005, 10:08:48 PM

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It's been a while since I was knowledgable about the whole fanime thing, so I don't remember if meetups were something completely seperate from panels. A meetup is what I'm talking about, but 4chan really has nothing to share as a panel other than "donate2 4chan, moar /s/ 4 u". If moot and other 4channers would be willing to come, it would be a neat meetup.

The meetups were seperate and mostly people from somethingawful.com (ie Goons) who are also 4channers. I disagree that 4chan has nothing to offer because it is a big part of otaku culture here in America. That being a spin off from 2 channel which is the largest image BBS in Japan. Even famous artists and directors have posted on 2 channel and Densha Otoko was formed from posts there.

I know it has been asked of Team 4chan if they would come to fanime to have a panel, but I guess it is up to have one hosted? If people are worried that the content discussed is too obscene, then perhaps have the panel done in the later hours 11pm-midnite. If fanime can have a hentai/yaoi video rooms, we should be able to have a 4chan panel. JMO.


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Quote from: "creme"4chan gave birth to all the best memes ever. No one is aloud to badmouth 4chan or say it has nothing to offer if they have ever said "ORLY"/"YARLY" or even chuckled at it, because that was a 4chan creation. :)

O RLY was created by 4chan. YA RLY was created by Something Awful.


yeah, 4chan is by far the greatist thing ever. id die if they had 4chan anyhting at fanime. :-3


Shove it in the first hour of H night or something. The panel would discuss such topics as "behind the scenes" material, the history and memes of 4chan, what it's like to run an "Anonymous" site, and *why* 4chan is such a popular image site. Although why we're talking about it when no one's stepped forward to actually run the panel is, ha ha, moot.

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Quote from: "RyuHayabusa"Ced: we could have a cutout of him lol XD

We could probally have him on the panel via IM or IRC?

But I dunno if he wants to be up that late being that he is EST and all. I guess I can ask since I know the mods there. If no official panel, I guess there could be a secret one somewhere in the con. LOL


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4chan panel?! NO WAI!

I'll be cosplaying as Waha! XD

I posted a /b/tards UNITE thread in the cosplay board to see if anyone would cosplay something from 4chan. I wanna see a longcat. D:
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The "Damn You Internets: So You Want to Be a VIP Star?" Panel was probably about as close to a 4Chan as I think anyone would want to get. We covered 4/Not/Ko/Guro/And a few other Chans. It went over really well.

For as much as a "4Chan Panel" would rock, it wouldn't exactly fly unless Moot or someone flew out here to make it official. Until then, Damn You Internets!


;_; I wish we could get moot or someone to come to a 4chan panel at Fanime...then it'd be official, and it would DEFINITELY help get more people to Fanime :D We could get even bigger (yay, additions to the family!)

Ahh, moot, if only...

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We need 4chan panel! even better if there is a panel with 4chan vs gaiaonline! OOOOOOHH!H!! :twisted:

Noo! I'd be totally conflicted T_T I'm addicted to both.

I'd totally go to a 4chan panel if it didn't conflict with the Gaia panel


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i might go if i see Pedo Bear -^^-
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Hi, I am from LUELinks and I will be there if you have a panel.


Quote from: "alkaline"This didn't need a bump since it's (a) not happening and (b) --