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All-Out Con RP

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What about this?

An all-out con live action RP-style quest?

How will it so sure.

Just wondering, so discuss.


I think I've heard that idea before.. I just can't remember for the life of me whether it was in a staff meeting or just in passing with some friends...  :?

The main thing I can think of this is people going around the con hitting each other with padded weapons (such as the ones from last year's Fanime staff gatherings/meetings).

Not so sure how a realtime-real life rp is...

Might I suggest a little something that my friends attend called "AU: Adventures Unlimited"

It is a monthly fantasy Live Action Role Playing. It is kinda scary, and I know they do something like that at Baycon, but to have something like this at fanime might be a little interesting.

Once I get a link to the Main AU site, I will be able to show off more about it. Not exactly sure just what you guys were thinking of but this is possibly the closest thing I can come up with.

I mentioned it somewhat a long time back here

A live pull-in in the middle of a convention is just too awesome for word, but people usually don't participate.  :(


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