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Kingdom Hearts cosplay?

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I think it would be awesome to have a KH cosplay group. We can have 13th order, sora, Riku, Kairi, BHK, Namine, whoever. I've already seen some Rikus and Axels, but I think it would be totally awesome to see more KH characters (especially since KH2 will be out before Fanime 2k6). so, anyone want to cosplay KH characters and have a gathering?

I plan on cosplaying as Kairi from KH2 I know it's not out yet but by the time it is the convention KH2 will be out.. BTW I'm going to the convention in San Jose

i got a group going as people from KH. perhaps we'll stop by :3

If I can get it done in time I'll be cosplaying as Oogie Boogie in KH

Master Axel:
if i go to fanime 2k6 i will be axel again


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