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Author Topic: Idea: 24/4 Convenience Store  (Read 8494 times)

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Idea: 24/4 Convenience Store
« Reply #20 on: December 05, 2006, 10:18:29 AM »

Quote from: "astroboy"
Quote from: "Otakuya"
I had an idea (like I always do).

Staying at SJ for 3-4 nights? A lot of people in one room? ONE soap bar? Forgot your toothbrush? Need deodorant? Want a snack at 3 in the morning, but don't want Denny's or a big meal?
One time I asked a hotel staffer at check in where's the nearest convenience store because I forgot my toothbrush.

Believe it or not the gentleman walked over to a desk, pulled one out, and gave it to me. I was totally unprepared for that. So much so I guess the look on my face must of been the same as someone who just saw a magic trick.

That made my day. I tipped him a couple bucks and was GLAD I didn't have to go walk outside or worse, have to drive out to the nearest store. Knowing how San Jose is, it probably would been the later.   :roll:

I know at the hilton they provide lots of stuff

CD player

etc...there's a whole list of ameneties you can request, and I'm sure marriott is the same way. They deal with travelers, and sometimes travelers forget stuff.
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