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Started by Wirebrain, January 01, 2006, 12:04:28 PM

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What games would you like to play this year in the gaming room?

RPGs! Nothing better than 4-5 hours of acting like my favorite hero!
5 (29.4%)
Minatures! They're like toys, except I build em... and then destroy you all!
0 (0%)
Board Games! Especially when they release Monopoly: Naruto Edition!
0 (0%)
Collectable Card Games! Know when to hold em, Know when to fold em...
4 (23.5%)
Just Card Games! A Munchkin variant to Apples to Apples with rounds of Poker? Oh yeah!
3 (17.6%)
Those really weird games! Especially when they're free and easy to learn!
1 (5.9%)
I'd like to play a bunch of things and here's what I'd wanna see... (explain in post)
4 (23.5%)

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The Tabletop Gaming department's e-mail is up and working now. If you want to hold a game as a GM (game master) and reserve a spot, send us word at tabletop@fanime.com. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

* When you submit your request for a time slot, send in the name of your game, when you want to start, and for how long you need the table for. Other details like number of players or adventure details are nice, but not required.
* Major events and tournaments should be submitted by April 23rd to appear on con handouts and other published announcements.
* May 18th is the deadline to submit events so that they'll appear on the online schedule when it is posted or updated.
* The midnight before the con begins (the evening of May 24th) is the deadline to change or submit events and their time slots through e-mail. Remember, until you receive confirmation, your time slot will not change!
* If you must, go to the Tabletop Gaming Room when it opens to change your event's time during the con.

If you want to run tabletop games as a specialized GM for an extended period of time throughout the con, contact us to see if you meet criteria for compensation. The last day for specialized GM consideration is March 17. Update!We can no longer accept specialized GMs this year. Only those willing to become a general staff member, with the additional duties it entails, along with tabletop gaming industry representatives will still be considered until March 17th. Note: This does not affect game spot reservations! You can still reserve your time slots up to May 24th.

The longer you wait, the less likely that your event will appear on the printed schedule at the con! So sign up early and your game may be announced at promotional events!

Ayanami Rei First Child

Yeah I was thinking that we could get some more games in there....like sci-fi games preferably....^^;;


Quote from: "Ayanami Rei First Child"Yeah I was thinking that we could get some more games in there....like sci-fi games preferably....^^;;

So we got a genre... would that be for a Sci-Fi Role Playing Game or maybe a Sci-fi Non-Collectable Card game?

Ayanami Rei First Child

Quote from: "Wirebrain"
Quote from: "Ayanami Rei First Child"Yeah I was thinking that we could get some more games in there....like sci-fi games preferably....^^;;

So we got a genre... would that be for a Sci-Fi Role Playing Game or maybe a Sci-fi Non-Collectable Card game?
Sci-Fi Role Playing Game.

The newer Serenity Game would be a lot of fun since it's sci-fi.

Although Shadowrun could be a lot of fun since it combined a lot of Sci-Fi elements with those of a modern fantasy scene ^^;

Also another idea might be a board or something that tells people what games are at what time, along with games that will be on and off again. Not to mention some times where we teach people HOW to RolePlay would be awesome ^^;


Okay, I'll see what I can do.. I happen to have a copy of Serenity and I was hoping I wasn't the only person at Fanime who liked the program.

If you know anyone or you yourself would like to run that game or anything else, They can get in free to the con by hosting some games and entertaining the rest of us.

For right now, PMing or E-mailing me is the way to go on such matters, or if you have general questions.


Ayanami Rei First Child

I'm HOPING to learn the BESM TRI-STAT well enough by Fanime to host some games....but I have no idea if I'll be able to. Blerg @.@

I'll see what I can do about getting a friend to host a game ^^

Also I'd LOVE to play Serenity with you. I've played it already with some friends and it's a lot of fun. It's a cool system that I think more people should get into ^^


I'd like to volunteer as a DM for 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons.
I have a few reasonable hosuerules, many borrowed from a good friend of mine,  for optimal fun:

1) No matter how you cast spells, you can quicken them
2) Keen stacks with improved critical. Why should skill negate blade quality and vice versa?
3) Elf favored class is Sorcerer rather than wizard, and they have +2 charisma in addition to dex
4) Haste works as per 3rd edition.  If you can move double speed, you should be allowed double actions too.
5) Ability score array: 18 17 16 15 13 13
6) No frenzied Berserkers
7) Gnome's favored class is wizard(illusionist)
8) New races of my creation: Shin Dragontouched, Lin Dragontouched, Amazon, and Klorian.
9) The feat which allows bows to threaten adjacent squares and to not suffer AOO is allowed for players.
10) No max strength bonus on composite longbows that are EPIC. (+6 enhancement bonus  or more)
11) Speed Attack: Requires Dex 13....allows you to power attack with light weapons and ONLY light weapons. Must take Power Attack to use non-light weapons
12) When two brilliant energy swords collide, they contradict each other and can fight each othe rlike lightsabers
13)Improved Finesse: Apply dex to damage as well as attack rolls.
14) Combat Tumbling: Tumble up to  your speed as a move action, a double move, a charge, or a run action
15) Reputation Score starts at 0 for first level and 5 for tenth.  Characters can gain reputation and use it as a bonus towards diplomacy, bluff, intimidate, gather info et cetera.
16)  Weapons with energy burst affect enemies immune to crit with the extra damage on a hit that would normally crit.  In other words, an undead would be hit by 2d6 of fire damage, but not take double damage on a natural 20.
17) No massive damage.
18) Epic feat, Devastating Critical is not considered massive damage.
19) No gestalt or item familiars.
20) Yes on variant races from Unearthed Arcana
21) Any deity of any pantheon may be worshipped.
I want to express this undying passion with my entire body tonight.



...I'm still on staff, right?

Anyway, I was thuroughly disappointed at the severe lack of Munchkining happening last time, thusly, I hope to see more of that going down.  Secondly, If we don't get a game of Hero Quest happening this time, Nick is going to feel my unhindered rage.  I ROLL CRITS, NICK.  CRITS.

I also might be interested in some RPing, but I have some new ground rules:
- If you're the captain, commander, guy in charge, whatever: Please don't be passive and let your team run around like a group of retarded monkies.
- Chloroform and laxitives are NOT the way to handle EVERY DAMN SITUATION.
- If you're RPing with other players, it's usually appreciated to let them RP for their own characters as opposed to spending 2 hours telling the GM what everyone else around you is doing.
- Now that I think about it, laxitives are banned from all RPs I'm involved with.  That's just the best way to handle that.
- If you're playing a barbarian, you have to talk like one.  NICK.

These are just general guidlines that I came up with and don't refer back to any specific incident last year.  I think it wasn't Saturday night.

"Do a flip!"

Ayanami Rei First Child

Why anyone would want to solve a situation with laxatives and chloroform is beyond me. Not when you could slaughter them all in a vicious fashion. *_* Yep...the psychotic kill hungry warrior girl is the path I love to take!! *_*

Just remember....NERDS RULE THE WORLD!!  :twisted:


Quote from: "Ayanami Rei First Child"Why anyone would want to solve a situation with laxatives and chloroform is beyond me.

You and me both, sister.

"Do a flip!"


You can get a coup de grâce on an unconscious foe.  I suspect that you can also get a coup de grâce on a foe while he is on the can.


fyi, I'll be at No Name Anime running Steve Jackson Game demos during the break -- and recruiting for tabletop. The No Name anime club meets in Saratoga on the 2nd Saturday of the month. www.nnanime.com. Stop by, ask questions, join Tabletop Gaming!

EDIT: Anyone interested in Mongoose Publishing's Paranoia card game and/or Z-Man Game's latest B-Movie game?

aka. Washu! ^O^
Los Altos Gamesday, Monthly, Saturdays, 10am-11pm

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Ayanami Rei First Child

That's soooo lame to disable your foe like that. I mean what's the point of playing in a warrior's game if you don't play AS a warrior? I mean you might as well cheat and max out all your stats or something.... :x If you ask me it's just plain foolish cheatery that I cannot let go of....


Well im not to much in to the whole D&D thing or many Sci-Fi RPGs, but i can play/Moderate just about any White-Wolf Game including:
Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Mage, Hunter, and even some rare verisons of these games including KoE.
If any one has any interest in any of these games just let me know, the 2 friends coming with me are willing to play as well.
Note:i Havnt read any of the new versions of these books yet.
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Quick question - Does the tabletop head(s) want me to take this down from sticky form? Let me know and I will do so.
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