What anime disappointed you the most?

Started by Darryl Mendoza, February 12, 2006, 12:37:07 PM

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Quote from: "Jyunishinsho"Art of Fighting was garbage.

I know that you mean but hey could of made it longer.
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My list of the most disappointing (yes, in order):

Tenjou Tenge (the first fight + Maya hinted at a great first impression...then it all goes tumbling down.)
Naruto (after episode 19, I expected it to get even better.  It was doing fine all the way up till the mid-70s, then it starts going downhill from there until around episode 100ish, where it just becomes utter trash.)
Piano (not very well known, but it started out as a crappy show.  I gave it time to reach some sort of peak...and...well, goes from bad to worse. )
Suzuka (Similar situation with Piano...started out decently/not so well, gave it a chance and after the last episode, realized how much time I've wasted giving this show a chance.  Went from bad to worse, with an ending that was just stupid.)


Speed grapher because after the 2nd ep. the animation dropped like a rock
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I know someone is probably going to kill me, but i think Fruits Basket was just horrendous. The voices are stupid and the plot revision is simply lame. I LOOVE the Manga, but the Anime was crap :(


To be honest, the ending for the Fruits Basket anime was really disappointing after reading volumes of the manga. I was expecting something more than that. I was originally hoping it would at least be better or just as good as the manga...

I was pretty upset with the newer Bleach seasons too. After the whole Soul Society trip, I was hoping for something bigger, but I don't think it happened.

I really wasn't too fond of Prince of Tennis either. The manga was a disappointment compared to the anime.

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F*ck Hina, Whatever Midori, and friggin Orgy Muyo.

So the first two, I really can't understand:
Why it's ok for a nice girl to fall in love with someone who puts her in an environment where she can be violated over and over.

And the last one:
Why is it ok for a nice guy to live in a home filled with women?  In real life, he would be gay, for there would be no 'nice guys' staying there for long.  He'd be kicked out because he's not gay, or he'd be gay because that's less of a harrassment threat to a house filled with women.

Mostly, I'm disappointed in the fans who perpetuate the demand for this stuff and the companies who perpetuate the supply of this shit.
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I know im gonna get alot of hate for this one but i honestly was pissed off with the last Episode of FMA, and dont get me wrong i <3 FMA the whole series till the very end when the whole other side of the gate thing happens, (not gonna spoil it, but for those of u who know what im talking about WTF?!) as for Lov Hina, its DBZ for girls is all, a stale storyplot that never seems to go any where and allows just enofe of what u want to see in each episode to keep you wanting to watch/read the rest of the series.
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I watched 2 eps of Capeta
................I'm gonna watch Initial D instead.
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Tenjou Tenge

It was ok at the start, and I liked the flashback parts, but they killed of Shin in the most pathetic way, and then when that was over with, they realized "oh crap, we have to finish the series" so they crammed in the last battle in about 15 mins.

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I'm really hard on these anime. If you disagree, instead of flaming me, please put up a good argument. :P

crap filler, still going on. have switched to manga to continue good story but waiting for the anime to get back on track.

Initial D:
suffers from dragon ball syndrome, where battles occur over several eps, wasting lots of air time (and my life). really funny how characters will stand by the road for hours (apparently), witness .5 sec of the cars driving by, and talk about how it was "the most amazing race I've ever freakin' seen in my life." because of the heavy time consumption, I don;t have any time to actually watch it anymore.

crap filler, not sure whether its going on because I have lost interest. despite upgrades and life lessons, some characters seem to never learn anything (ex: naruto). first movie ("ice princess" or something) also lacking in character, content and plot. not sure whether I will continue the manga as current arc bores me.

Tenjou Tenge:
downward spiral of DOOM following first nine or so episodes. strange sequencing concerning long flashbacks, as well as flashbacks within the flashbacks. storyline collapses following the death of major character (Rette, you said it), though I never liked that guy anyway. ending was utter crap, not interested enough to rent the movie at SF's jtown for $3.

Biggest disappointment: NARUTO
My favorite series since it came out, I have lost interest in it altogether for the sins committed above. It was highly promising before the 3 year break. May consider returning to see Sasuke again. Though I never liked him very much.
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Quote from: "Kegan_Flame"I know someone is probably going to kill me, but i think Fruits Basket was just horrendous. The voices are stupid and the plot revision is simply lame. I LOOVE the Manga, but the Anime was crap :(

forgot to mention that in my first post, but YES.
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Last Exile. it seemed like a really good title and Geneon hasn't steered me wrong yet. but, i cant handle too much talk of action with very little action based on said talk. im not saying i cant handle a storyline, im just saying there was a little too much yak-yak-yak for my taste


Quote from: "Saffy"
Quote from: "Kegan_Flame"I know someone is probably going to kill me, but i think Fruits Basket was just horrendous. The voices are stupid and the plot revision is simply lame. I LOOVE the Manga, but the Anime was crap :(

forgot to mention that in my first post, but YES.

Thats why you have an edit button. Also, the first real arc after the 3 year break (I assume you mean in the manga) actually has some really good fighting and such, once you get into it. I wont spoil anything, but I will say this: Sakura haters may have to rethink their position.

Oh, and my horrible memory tends to block stuff out, so I cant remember most of them....but a disappointment for me was Iketeru Futari. 16 five miniute episodes. It wasnt bad...it was really cute and I laughed out loud a couple times. But I kept waiting for it to hit its stride...and then it ended.

Now I'm reading the manga and loving it.
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Battle Angel Alita.. I ate up the manga, but the series is what? two episodes long?  NEED MORE x.X
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While I'm dissapointed in Naruto, the anime I was most dissapointed in was Kai-Doh-Maru.
It's from the creators of Blood: The Last Vampire, and was said to have amazing animation. I read a review saying how great and artistic and revolutionary it was. Kai-Doh-maru was utter crap. The storyline sucked, because they tried to fit an epic story with a ton of characters to develop in 45 minutes, and it was just boring. The animation quality actually HURT my EYES to watch. It's supposed to change film quality in accordance to the season, but the grainyness and humidity of 'summer' took away from what little art there was. All the character designs and backgrounds and buildings were extremely plain. The blood was neon red and I can't tell you how much it irritated me to watch the series.
Like in Blood: the Last Vampire, it used actual taped footage in the anime, though while it worked beautifully in Blood, it looked like a cheesey home video of random plants in Kai-doh-maru.
I feel so decieved. The dvd wasn't even worth the coupon I used to buy it.
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angel sanctauary-only 3 episodes
and fruits basket-the comics are so much better
dnangel-its good, but comics is way better

but my favorite anime is chrono crusade, full metal alchemist, shakugan no shana, canvas 2, rave, paradise kiss, and jigoku shojo


Nausicaa: it only covered like... 1 volume of the manga! Grr.

Full Metal Panic (original & TSR): No matter how much people hype these, I just can't find out why they would be anything more than slightly average. Fumoffu was funny, though.

.hack//Legend of Twilight's Bracelet: I was hoping for a great followup to .hack//SIGN, and instead, I got this boring piece of crap chibi thing... =(


Fufner - Heard good things, never saw an ep till the con, wow it was crap. (IMO)

I was disappointed that no one bothered to watch Mushishi, its not everyone's cup of tea but its a one hell of a series. :)



It's a little dated...and I'll probably be shot by many of my friends.  But that last filler OVA for Fushigi Yuugi was just the single worst thing I ever wasted time on.  Did anybody else start looking for a spork to stick in their eyeball when they watched that?
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*wants to keep this thread alive, i like it*

just finished watching gun x sword. (yea, people will say, whats wrong with you?). People had mixed feelings on it and i wanted to judge it for myself. Watched it non-stop hoping that something big will happen eventually... and wow, what a waste of freakin time. I could probably write an essay on whats wrong with it, lol. To summon it up, characters are just god awful, mecha is subpar, story was hideous but concept and setting was awesome.