When I watched (?), I cried...

Started by Jyunishinsho, February 28, 2006, 03:48:18 PM

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Kimi ga nozomu Eien... I wept...
SaiKaNo.. Drove me to tears...
Grave of the Fireflies... I needed tissues...
Fruits Basket... Smudged my eyeliner...
Millenium Actress... I sobbed like a little girl...

There... Now you know my weaknesses...
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Air TV because it was so beautifully done. The reflection on life at the end made it worthwhile.
Elfen Lied
Not sure why. I guess it was the whole dark atmosphere in it and some dark truths, but it got wierd at times.
Evangelion because it changed my perspective on life.
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The final ten minutes of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water's finale; Shiro Sagisu's track "Going Home" is just so eloquently done and so overwhelming that in combination with the final minutes, always causes me to break down.


Listening to the english dub of steel angel kurumi.That almost made me cry.

Tsukai Mori

When I didn't watch the Oscars, I cried.
Edit: It had Howl's Moving Castle at the least.


Quote from: "Tsukai Mori"When I didn't watch the Oscars, I cried.

I'm not so sure...are the Oscars an anime? '_'


-Pokemon, "Pikachu's Goodbye": Yeah, like everyone else XD I cried during this episode like a lil girl~

-Mahoromatic: The ending of Mahoromatic when Mahoro sacrificed herself D: I couldn't stop crying...and then I went back a bit and watched the scene over again and cried some more. And then that part after she did that when Suguru-san was older and such and he saw Mahoro again when he died. That  also made me cry like a little girl.

-Chobits; episode 26 "A Person Only for Chii": Made me cry the most I think. >_< I dunno why,  but I like going back and specifically watching those scenes ocer and over again. o_o;

Uhm, something in "Midori No Hibi" might have made me cry, but I don't remember. Guess it's time to watch it again to find out. :D
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Quote from: "Ruby"-Pokemon, "Pikachu's Goodbye": Yeah, like everyone else XD I cried during this episode like a lil girl~

I cried more when Misty gave Ash her handkerchief before heading back to Cerulean City.....that definitely was a powerful moment...

I also nearly cried at the end of Spirited Away...many wonderful moments in there! ^^
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Quote from: "Absolute0"I remember bawling when Setsuko died in Grave of the Fireflies...
especially that pathetic funeral her brother set up. I couldn't stop crying for half an hour... :cry:

Same here. Cried like a baby for like, an hour. When I first watched it I had a younger sister about Setsuko's age. So, yeah...hard.

Also in Naruto when Zabuza and Haku die. That part's sad...and Gaara's backstory.
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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars- multiple times during the last 3-4 episodes
Millennium Actress- I cried like my dog just died.
Fushigi Yuugi- yeah, the Nuriko ep., like everybody else and Nakago's
                    flashback sequence in ep. 52.
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Tsukai Mori

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noburu Sora made me cry. Narcissu (the anime game) also made me cry (which isn't shocking since both are similar). Also, Air made me cry, but in a different way. In Air I cried for the characters, but in Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora I cried because well, empathy.

As to why I posted seriously on the topic now, it is just because I felt like it.


Fushigi Yuugi Nuriko episode big time tears and needed lots of tissue.

Unrelated to anime but wanted to share.  Snoopy Come Home movie when Snoopy leaves Charlie Brown.  Watched when I was a kid and cried.


Fruits Basket, in one episode where Akito went crazy after Hatori told him he wanted to marry Kana and Hatori was forced to erase her memory and episode 17 when Tohru was telling Kisa's mother why Kisa couldn't tell her that she was bullied and ran away from home. I saw that episode the first time in Fanime '04 too. Brought tears to my eyes.

Grave of the Fireflies, very very tear-jerking moment.

Naruto(can't remember episode), when Haku and Zabuza(sp?) dies.

Bleach, when Rukia leaves with Renji and Byakuya to Soul Society to be executed and Ichigo is left alone in the rain.

I've cried in almost every horror anime I've ever seen.

This one episode of Vampire Princess Miyu left me depressed for a good week or so...(4+ years ago)




Quote from: "Ruby"-Pokemon, "Pikachu's Goodbye": Yeah, like everyone else XD I cried during this episode like a lil girl~

See, but here's the thing: Ash left Butterfree for real.

Now that made me cry.
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100% BEEF

Grave of the Fireflies-the characters had believable human emotions that made the sad scenes in the film all that much more tearjerking.
End of Evangelion- I didn't cry per se, but I felt really depressed for like a week.


pokemon, when the three original cast members split up. that hit me hard...

vandread 2nd stage, when dita grabbed hibiki's hand

various others, i just cant recall


Serial experiments Lain...after staying up for two days and watching that entire series in one sitting.

and FLCL when you find out that the kid was just being used by Hanako
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Grave of the Fireflies. That movie will make people without tearducts weap buckets.
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