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Why is it that there always seem to have an escalator or elevator failure somewhere during a anime convention? And most of the time, it's the night before the Friday start, too.

It probably has something to do with the massive load of people they have to deal with.  I've never noticed an escalator failure, but as far as the elevators are concerned, the hotels are generally designed for business meetings and smallish conventions.  Not thousands of people traipsing about going up and down multitudes of times per day.  It'd be nice if the hotels could be prepared for things like that, but it can't be expected...

It's just a good thing that they have more than one elevator per building!

Have people ever gotten stuck in elevators (I mean, has an elevator ever failed with people in it?)? It sucks to be so paranoid...

Never heard of people actually getting stuck in the elevators.  I imagine it might've happened if they break down as often as they're said to, but... never heard of it, really.  And definitely never happened to me.  Gah, to be stuffed in an elevator with 15 other con-goers... That really would be pretty bad.  But with cell phones being what they are these days, there's usually someone who can get reception... help would actually come faster than it used to! XP

Nina Star 9:
i think my sister said that she got stuck once, but im not sure. i think they were like, right at a floor, thankfully, and they just pryed the doors opena nd got out. probably not good for the elevator, but oh well. :P

now this year, we are going to try and see if we can get a room on a lower floor. my mom is kinda iffy around heights (read: super afraid of), and i dont want to wait about an hour for an elevator and then finally end up taking the stairs to the 14th floor at midnight by meself again. :P i am so glad i was not in my maid outfit that day... >> (i would have had a huge fear of being raped if i was in that outfit walking up deserted, dimly lighted stairs at midnight. :P)
so anyway, can you request a certain floor, ar at least request a lower floor?


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