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Thursday night badge pick-up

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But to pick up your badge... don't you need your receipt? If so, how do you get it? I've tried looked at my account for some info, but no such luck.
Sorry, this is my first time dealing with the pre-registration ^^;

I believe you're supposed to print out a confirmation page? If not then a copy of your account page? Your photo ID works too, I think.

Gah, I heard all this stuff in passing since I hang out with reg staff. It'd be better if said elusive staff can confirm that *hint hink, poke*

Yeah, I totally forgot if i need any of either @_@; (Well, I know I need my Photo ID, but I forgot if I need to bring that confirmation page or not... blah!)

Almighty staff! Help? :O


--- Quote from: "Tony" ---In a few weeks, we'll have information on badge pick-up on your account's page.
--- End quote ---

He posted that in another thread ( on April 5th.

Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks for all the help ^_^ *gives everyone a cookie*
But what if our ID has out official name, and we used but a nickname on the site? Will that create any major problems? Its only the first name...


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