Custom Sticks: anyone interested?

Started by alice, April 03, 2006, 09:03:35 PM

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Quote from: "Spiritsnare"To everyone:

Do you prefer ball sticks or bat sticks?
Standard JP stick: ball-top with square range of movement.  Yum.



Scratch that idea. Small power tool accident, but It'll still be a while before I dare pick up a tool again. I'll have plenty for next year though. :). Since I'm on break from power tools, anyone interested in custom etched naruto head bands :D. (No harrowing experience to scare me away from chemicals).


By the way...  We bought Ultimarc J-sticks the other day for a project that a friend of mine is building.  The ball top j-sticks ARE Genuine Sanwa sticks.  They just have selectable 4way-8way switches.  And the buttons are using the same microswitches as the Sanwa tourament buttons, just with american standard buttons.   Thus why they are stiff.  

Just thought id throw that out there.
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Hey all,

I just read through this thread and thought I could throw in my 2 cents.

My company is going to be the one bringing in the arcade games this year, so I can give you an operators perspective on the Sanwa stuff.  As far as durability goes with joysticks, the 360s will last the longest, then the Sanwa, then the Happ Ultimate joysticks.   As far as buttons go, the Sanwa buttons seem to last longer than the Happ buttons.  I'm saying this based on our experience using them in arcades.  In any case, they will all last a very long time for home use.

Also if you are looking to buy any Sanwa buttons or joysticks or any arcade parts, we will be selling parts very soon at  In the mean time, we are taking orders through email at [email protected] If you are looking to buy soon, email me and I can bring parts with us to the convention.  We are almost sold out of our Sanwa buttons so let me know soon if you want any.  



Im down to buy a stick or two, actually my brother has been really interested in picking one up at a reasonable price. I might just get him one as a gift and one for myself.