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Started by SakuraKanegawa, April 05, 2006, 05:55:27 PM

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Best Nights for the Ball?

Saturday Night-7 p.m 8 p.m(Conflicts with Musicfest)
13 (31%)
Sunday Night-6 p.m-8 p.m(Conflicts with Masquerade)
5 (11.9%)
Both Days-After 10 p.m
20 (47.6%)
Dressing up? Does that mean I have to look like a penguin ala Pen-Pen?
4 (9.5%)

Total Members Voted: 38

Voting closed: May 16, 2006, 11:59:26 PM

Ayanami Rei First Child

Well it's SO better to have something be too loose then to be too tight....ESPECIALLY when it's tight enough to cause pain @.@


I dressed up for this too and was kinda bummed it didn't go down.

Anyone see me wearing a poofy burgandy formal dress, a black cape, and a sparkly mask that night?

Heh.. I even played DDR in that thing. lol good times.
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Ayanami Rei First Child

Yeah I think I saw you Tea-san!!

Although I would be shocked at those people who did NOT see me.

6' 4" natural Red/orange hair. With freckles. ESPECIALLY on my arms.


but u mean like feather masks and formal dresses, right?


A masquerade ball sounds awesome! Though I would only be able to attend if the Masquerade isn't happening at the same time.
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Ayanami Rei First Child

Yeah I managed to miss that stuff AGAIN!! @.@

Oh well....I still managed to have a lot of fun ^^

Looking foward to the possibility of having a ball next Fanime *_*
Also if we do....we should make a hookup page so people can get a dance partner ahead of time, as to encourage people to actually go in. I know a lot of people get discouraged if they don't have someone to dance with, and some of us are too shy to ask random strangers. Not to mention sometimes we do ask girls...and then their friends/lovers/girlfriends steal them away :cry:  :cry:


>< so want to have one next year... though... i'll have to spend 300$$ making ANOTHER dress @.@


Oni chan and I dressed up anyway and went to the gakufest ^_^ although i wished we could have danced th night away a la cinderella style but oh well it was still fun
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I'd love to COSPLAY and LEARN to ballroom.

I'd be fun... but I don't know how to dance ballroom. LOL.
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its okay if u go to fanime next year i can teach u how to ballroom dance hif u want ^-^ id be more than happy to its easy .. well it was for me..*giggles*  :D btw ayanami rei i never got to dance with you  :(
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Ayanami Rei First Child

I'm sorry that you never got to dance with me. Although I don't remember you asking. I might be free next Fanime ^^;;