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How do I pick up my badge? >_<;;

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i have a friend who backed out on the last day too after buying her pre-reg badge. She cant go to he con, so is there any way to change badge info to someone else?

Sorry, badges are already being produced... we gave until May 4th (and then some extra) for those kinds of transfers, so it's really just too late now. :?

Okay, so here's the tricky part.

In the event that I, as a group leader, cannot pick up all the badges myself, is it alright if I send the receipt to my members so they can pick up their own badges?

Also, since one member dropped out, can I have a note added to my account permitting only one other member in the group to pick up that badge and give that to her friend? Or does the photo ID come into play when entering the convention?

I'm a Fanime newbie, so I don't know if you'll be checking for IDs when entering the Con after having received the badge.


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