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Are you allowed to cosplay, but not join in the contests?


This is my first time going to a convention, and I'm planning on going as Kikyo, but I don't want to join in any of the contests... I just wanted to like, walk around and have fun while dressing up as her...

So yeah, are you allowed to cosplay, but not join in the contests?

Eh, I hope I made sense... (And I hope I posted this in the right place! :oops: )

Short answer: Yes

I hope you enjoy your first convention

^.^ Thank you!

I've heard about doing it without entering the actual contests. In fact, that's what I WOULD'VE planned to do had it not been for the Cosplay Perfect Attack DDR Tourney...

I think it doesn't matter what you do unless you actually sign up for the masquerade. THEN I figure you'd HAVE to. Oth'n that... go for it, whatever you feel up to.

Kikyo huh?  I should be going as Inuyasha if you wanted to maybe get together and gets some pictures taken I'd be up for it  :)


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