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Wolf's rain Gathering/cosplay

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Hey all I'd like to know if anyone is intending on going to fanime as a wolf's rain character. I actually plan on going as both Hige and Toboe. I would really like someone to play Blue for cosplaying purposes. I had a girl I knew to do it but I'm not sure if shes coming anymore.  And I'd like to find any of the rest of you that are dressing up for some photo ops


Ya, the girl I had to play Blue is definatly not coming anymore.  I guess no one's going as a Wolf's Rain character huh?

Awww, I hope there'll be some Wolf's Rain cosplayers... :( I'd gladly come to the gathering to at least take pictures to add to my Wolf's Rain cosplay pictures collection. Wolf's Rain is one of my absolute favorite series... In fact, as I type I'm encoding WR footage for an AMV.

Ya I hope theres more WR cosplayers too but It's really not looking that way and it really makes me sad.  WR is probably at the top of my list too and I was hoping to have a lot of photo ops with other WR cosplayers especially since this is my first con.

Well, I hope to see you there! I'll be a fellow canine, at least (Akamaru from Naruto), and we can go hunting for other Wolf's Rain cosplayers together. :) There'll probably be at least a few more--there are tons of people who come to Fanime who don't visit this forum.


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