Cheaper or more expensive?

Started by ILuvHeijiHattori, April 13, 2006, 11:36:19 PM

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Last year I went to Fanime on a monday and found lots of things that are cheaper than usual. xD (I found a plushie for 5 bux)

But somethings were expensive (Ed's watch was 200 bux! =O )

Do you think that the majority of the things in the dealers room are cheaper or more expensive?


generally i think it depends a lot on the seller. Like, i was able to haggle the prices of a couple PLC cd's WAY cheaper than what i saw them for the day before. but the weapons places where pretty stern on prices.

from what i saw, it's the fact that its the last day of the con amd sellers want to lower their prices to sell as much product as possible. their also more open to haggling (or so i noticed, got "prism" for 1/2 price hahahahaha  ) ahem.

however, like i said, some place's prices are fixed. so you just have to ask around.


On the whole, I found this to be true of dealers rooms in general:

What's Cheaper:

Wall Scrolls
Key Chains
Box Sets*

What's More Expensive:

Bags (Courier bags and such)

That's a general idea anyways. I shop at Deep Discount DVD, so it's really hard for Fanime to beat their prices (I mean come on, DVDs for 13-17 bucks each? And legit too!? Lawl) but I have found good deals on box sets at Fanime from time to time. I got FMP for like, 55 bucks, and picked up Rahxephon for like 45.

So yeah, don't bet your bottom dollar on my 'list' up there, but that's the general idea.
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Quote from: "ILuvHeijiHattori"Last year I went to Fanime on a monday and found lots of things that are cheaper than usual. xD (I found a plushie for 5 bux)

But somethings were expensive (Ed's watch was 200 bux! =O )

Do you think that the majority of the things in the dealers room are cheaper or more expensive?
oh god, i remember that guy was selling the watch for that much money. shoot, i waited until november and got one, with ed's necklace, for 30 bucks at anime destiny. i think it does depend on the dealer, though.
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I got a full metal alchemist pocket watch for like, $35
OMG! What the Fugnuggets is going on?!


I remember someone bought the pocket watch for like $30


they sell them on the net for 10 bux. Thats Y i was suprised.


Anything you see from Japan is marked up. It's just a fact.

Definitely good to shop around before making any purchases that hurt. There's always the scheme of waiting till the last day when dealers might be willing to lower some digits on that price tag, but whether the item will wait so long for you is never easy to tell. If you absolutely cannot buy something online or anywhere else, then hey, its your cash.

So far, the best markdown I've seen is on boxed full series. I never found manga that was significantly cheaper. Any figurine goods can be anywhere from pretty cheap to pretty damn costly. As for clothes and bags, well, I'd never seen em anywhere else, so there went my $$. =_=
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The inconsistency in FMA pocket watch prices is most likely due to the variety of them available on the market. There are the official ones from Japan that run for a pretty penny. There are official Korean ones (which I personally think are even more accurate than the Japanese ones) that run for about $80 shipped on eBay. There are Chinese knock-offs that may or may not come coupled with keychains or necklaces, which are in the $10-$30 range. And then there is the official U.S. licensed one which runs for about $30, but isn't that nice IMHO.

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Here's a tip: Check e-bay and other stuff BEFORE you decide something is a bargain

I remember getting ripped off like that before "Ohhhh $10 for a VHS" and for the money I paid....I could have gotten the ENTIRE set on DVD >.<

Thanks for the heads up with that anime site, I'll be sure to check it out before purchasing any anime ^^;;

Also during the Fanime Flea Market Thingy....if it's towards the end you can really nap some great prices...


well i hope you know (those of you that bought a fma watch for less that 180) that the one you bought is MOST LIKELY bootlegged. the original one was only sold at Animate in Japan with a retail price of 15000 yen.... so that is about 145 bucks... plus the cost to bring it to america and the dealers on mark-up....


i was happy to get good deals at the dealer's room. i got the 'real/fake princess' manga for 8 dollars, figures as low as 4 dollars each, and a plushie for 15. i loved the dealer's room this year....hope to see some of the same dealers next year too!
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Saber plush for 50 bucks FTL :(



I found an Ichigo plushie for about $2 cheaper on Monday than it was Saturday. Normally that's not much, but in this case I was just $2 shy from being able to buy it so it worked out excellent for me.


I wanted a Cloud figurine and on Friday it went for $20. Throughout the weekend the price jumped to $50 and ended at about $40. I just ended up buying the whole figurine (Cloud +5 more figures) set for $80 =/

100% BEEF

The dvds did indeed seem more expensive, and only about 2 or 3 dealers sold large quantities of anime dvds, so selection was a little slim.


dealer's room was okay. i think the stuffed animals are pretty expensive, and the figures also.

but overall, the dealer's rooom pretty good.
i really like the area who sells the lareine cd


Quote from: "LastElixir"Saber plush for 50 bucks FTL :(

probably authentic import

not surprised about the price.
a official potato plushie, that is now sold out even in Japan, goes for 60-70 dollars

the price really might find SOME deals to be cheaper online from anime shops or some deals might be cheaper from the dealers at fanime con.
it varies..and sometimes, if you are good, you can bargin if you buy in bulk ;)

i found that art books are cheaper at FanimeCon. but i may be wrong

DVDs vary. :\ i've seen some good sets, (the whole set) go for a very good price. and it was cheaper than if you bought it from a online store or each dvd individually.


Quotei found that art books are cheaper at FanimeCon. but i may be wrong

Actually I saw that one of the vendors (I don't remember which one) was selling two CLAMP X:1999 art books for $41 a piece. I found the same books at Kinokuniya (? on spelling) Bookstore in San Francisco for $31. It could be just that instance (namely because I'd been lusting after them for a while and wanted to pick them up for cheaper). :wink:

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ok i take that back then.

prices vary in all instances..
you might find something from one dealer that is cheaper than anywhere else, but he might sell some DVDs overpriced. and can be found cheaper online.. :|