What goes down at Le salon?

Started by Captaine Kit, April 16, 2006, 04:55:41 PM

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The Most Fashionable Activity in Artist Alley Would Be

bummin' on our couches and beanbag chairs while discussing the ironic death of Dadaism
3 (50%)
sippin' peach tea and nibbling at chamomile cookies in your Goth-Loli ruffles
2 (33.3%)
admiring your intimate friend in the mirror as one tries on the men's and women's fashions
0 (0%)
leafing delicately thru portfolios of our hottest designers
1 (16.7%)
eyeing MusicFest guests from across the way while they pen an autograf
0 (0%)

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Captaine Kit

Stop by if you are into clothing or want to sit on a couch to hang out.  I'm totally spamming for your traffic.  It is shameless and beautiful bohème chic, this lounge.  I swear, if we are to come to Fanime to forge contacts and enjoy a jolly good time, we must come in our best!

Fred Estaire:
Do it big!  Do it right!
Do it with class!  Do it with style!
FanimeCon Presents: Antagonite Fashion


So Teri...is there actually going to be a lounge in which the designers will be present so people could have an upclose look at the clothes?  It sound grand but even if it would work, I'd think I would be too exhausted to actually exchange some words of intelligence with anybody.  XD;
"Real men have curves."

"Oh really?  Real men also wear pink."

- Zack & Yuko Conversation