Late Check-in penalty?

Started by Tuplica, April 22, 2006, 06:54:05 AM

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When I signed up for my reservation, I did not select late check-in, because from the way it was set up, it appeared that if you were going to arrive at 8pm or later, that was the only reason you'd need to select that.  However, I've heard since that you will be charged a penalty if you arrive anytime after 4pm.  Is this correct? And if not, is there any sort of penalty for arriving late, and at what time?

Thanks muchly.
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From what I understand there's no real late penalty, you'd probably have to get there around 11 PM or midnight or something, because then your check in time is a day later than you said it would be.

If you're just going to be later in the evening, all you have to do is call the hotel and let them know. I usually only do that if I'm not gonna get there til like 8 or 9 PM. If you get there before that I don't believe there's any sort of fee.

You could always call the hotel and ask them directly as well.
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There are no penalties for late check in.

If you have a reservation and do not show up at all, then the hotel will charge you a penalty of 1 night's room and tax.

If you are planning on checking in past 10 PM, it is advised that you do call the hotel on the same day to let them know that you will be arriving late.