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Guilty Gear Isuka Station?

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So, on Saturday at 12:30, I'm having all the Guilty Gear cosplayers gather for pics. I thought it might be cool to play GG Isuka with all of them afterward. Is there anyway to reserve a TV, PS2 and some chairs for a while so we can play 2 on 2 or 4-way melee right after our gathering? I can bring Isuka, I just need a place to play with my cosplaying posse. : ) Let me know? Thanks!


100% BEEF:
That could probably work in my room. Pink Panther and I are both cosplaying and were looking forward to the GG tourney. I could run it by him just to get his input or if he minds that we all Isuka it up in our room. Either way, at the gathering we can all meet each other and get some pics and play some GG. :D

i'm game. anyone have a multitap?

100% BEEF:
Got it covered.

spectabulous. ok, gotta get used to the turn around button again...


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