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first time at fanime cosplay. questions and concerns

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this will be my first time at fanime. i have cosplayed before at the Japan Town anime parade. this year i won first place w/my 2 person princess mononoke costume of san riding a wolf. i do not want to retire the costume and have been looking for other chances to wear it. i plan to enter this years fanime costume contest but i am having issues getting a ride and planning this whole thing out and so i need to get some further info before committing to this.

for one thing what are the prizes like?

how many people come to this thing?

has the judging in the past seemed fair? i once entered a contest expecting to win, or if not me then 3 other people i thought had great costumes, turns out neither i nor those 3 won and the contest was actually rigged!!! the judge made the costume that won! at least at fanime you have to have MADE the costume yourself, not bought or rented it! and i have heard that this bad judging happens all too often.

does the contest really go on so late? i live in sacramento and have to drive home, or should i say get a ride home, i'd hate to make my dad drive home so late....and we cannot afford a hotel so staying the night is out of the question.

is there any lightrail/train or somthing that goes from sacramento strait to the convention area?

is the area we have to wait in warm? the costume is %80 fake fur and gets so hot! its also big and clumsy, i hope there is a ramp onto the stage as stairs are a royal pain in the butt!

this cosplay contest sounds very compicated, far more complex than the parade (where its free and ends in the afternoon) both in good ways and bad ways...

i want to enter but need to be convinced that its gonna be more fun than work, right now it sounds like work! :shock:

i hope i don't sound pessimistic, i'm just worried and a little stressed out about this as i really want to go but so much seems against me. i only just heard about fanime while at the parade, if i had known sooner i could have been prepared, a months notice is short noctice!!!

if any one can help answer my questions it would be much appreshated.

thank you for listening to me, it feels good to get my concerns off my chest.

I'll reply with what I know, this'll be my 5th year at fanime so i've gotten a lot of info in the past years XD

But before I answer questions I remember seeing you when they were handing out the prizes at japan town, but since you've one first place, I don't know if your allowed to re-enter that costume if you've won an award already ^^; You might want to ask angeljibrille, as far as i know most places don't allow you to enter the contest if you've already won an award.

for one thing what are the prizes like?
- last year they were just a certificate, I don't recall any goody-type things, but since this is a new year with new ,asquerade heads it may be different.

how many people come to this thing?
-Quite a bit, I don't have an exact number, but it's in the thousandfs that's for sure.

has the judging in the past seemed fair?
-yes and no.

does the contest really go on so late?
- I think last year it ended around 10-10:30

is the area we have to wait in warm?
-oh yeah i remember dying of heat waiting uopstairs, where they had the dressing rooms. I couldn't imaginne inn faux fur!

You HAVE to have a badge to be in the masquerade, which means you either buy a weekend or day pass for sunday. If you go the cheapest which is a one day pass it's 30$

Unlike the cherry blossom festival it is NOT free, must have a badge!

And for anyone who participates in the masquerade it is a lot of work. But if your not having fun then maybe it's not for you.

I know I wouldn't be participating in it, if i didn't enjoy what I was doing. Good luck with your decision though.

i may pass on this one, its causing some family issues as my mom does not want me to go.

is there any other cosplay events comming up that are within driving distance of sacramento?

w/how complex this is turning out to be i think i will do fanime next year. i am retiring from the parade as i do not want to make anymore costumes and i hate doing repeats of old ones.

but i do want to show off my old costumes

i have
ryo-oki and ken-oki
shippo and kilala
Link and Epona
san and the wolf

There is an anime convention with a cosplay event in Sac.. It's called Sac Anime. They're coming up in June, so you might want to check them out.

Didn't last year it go on til midnight? I thought I remember announcements about having to hurry up cause the Civic Auditorium people wanted to close.

Could be wrong, but Masquerade lasted a loooooong time last year. Not that it was a bad thing. ^^


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