Can I Bring My Well-Tempered and Well Trained Puppy?

Started by Sage_Yuffie, April 30, 2006, 01:42:58 PM

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Here's the deal. I'm cosplaying Rinoa Heartilly.
I thought it would be awesome if i could bring my "Angelo" along with me.
He's a 5 month old, purebred Golden Retriever Puppy I've had since he was 7 weeks old.
Since then, we've trained rigoriously on his behavoir, and most importantly bathroom. He's potty trained and will not have any accidents. but i am prepared to bring "Petsmart brand Stain Remover" in case of accident, even though i doubt he will do anything.
he whines to let me know if he has to do anything bathbroom wise
he knows down, sit, come, leave it and his name of course. stay is the new trick we are learning this week.  he'll probably have stay down pact.

he's had all his shots and he's not vicious at all. have you ever heard of a bad Golden? ^_^
i don't think people with allergies will flare up, since my friend who is horribly allerigic to dogs doesn't even sniffle around him.
and my mom will bathe him on the day he comes up so he won't have any dog dander.

He won't be there all 4 days, he will be there Saturday for 5 hours,when my dad brings him and my brother up to fanime.

his only bad trait is that he makes you want to pet him and makes you love him.

hopefully he can attend too.



Hrm, >.> Theres probably a no-pet policy since many places don't allow them (no matter how long they'll be there), just because I guess they're afraid something could it could bite someone. >_> But its a puppy, so I dont see how it could do anyone damage really..XD Puppies are so cute!

You might want to check with  the convention center..o_O; I'm assuming it wouldn't be staying at a hotel with you since it would only be for a couple hours, but yeah.

I hope you can bring it :D I'll probably run up and start hugging it!

Good luck!

[EDIT]: I think pets are allowed if they're for disabled people though. Thats usually the only exception in stuff like this. T_T
Chance of going to Fanimecon 2015: 50%! ;_;


Some of the hotels might have a holding center for pets of guests, that is to say your gracious dog wouldnt be able to attend the con.


i agree with ruby and call the convention center about their pet policy

T3T ooooh puppy puppy if you see a dizzy try to play with your cute puppy that will be mee XD