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Deal or No Deal?

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Is it OK to barter (verbally) some dealers into lowering their advertised prices to get a better deal? Or is this something that can only be done during the Swap Meet?
For example: if there are DVDs I want to by that is advertised/shown as $20 each, can I ask to buy two for $30?

BTW, I just love the real DoND show, as you can tell... ^_^,

No harm in trying, especially with independent dealers . But it's usually easier if your buying multiple items though.

I did it with a few dealers, mainly because I really wanted to buy something and I was a dollar or two short.
A few will flat out refuse though.

It also helps if you try that on the last day of the con.
based on past experiences.

But if all else fails, try buying things, then selling them to your friends... It's worked for me... several times...




Don't tell them.

There's nothing wrong with it as long as the dealer agrees.  And I've heard that a number of them will allow costumers some leeway to haggle.  Personally, I just pay the marked price.


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