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Hey, more guests!

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Cool! I just noticed Fanime's got three new guests, and two of them are seiyuu! That's awesome~ Way to go, Fanime!

Unfortunately I've never seen Di Gi Charat and I don't have anything with Chris from Scrapped Princess on it. =.\ Will need to find something.

I've seen Rozen Maiden [still need to finish that] so I recognize Asami-san. But that's about it [haven't watched any other of her series]. At least I'll try and get an autograph from here, since I have a friend that's a big RM fan. :3

i'm really looking forward to see Kazuhiro Takamura, thanks fanime!

Sanada Asami.  Yum.  I adore her as Vita. XD  Don't care so much about any of her other roles, but Vita is plenty already. =P

Sunara Ishi:
Ah. Asami-san was the voice of Digiko. O: It'll be awesome having her. ^.^


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