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Larc En Ciel Gathering


hey there everyone!! i was wondering if anyone would want have a Larc En Ciel gethering. really i want to have a Hyde Concert gathering for anyone who will be attending the Hyde concert because i want to meet some people who are going to the one in San Fran. the Slim's concert! Anyways for the whole Fanime time (i will be at Fanime on Friday at 5:30 in the afternoon, i have school that day soo i will be there late) i will be walking around with my huge Larc En Ciel Smile box that saids Larc En Ciel, Hyde Concert at Slim's or something to that extent lol. i also wanted to have this gather for fans who aren't able to go to Hyde's concert. if you are a fan who wont be able to attend but still want to give Hyde a present and/or letter, i will be able to take it for you. that is why i will be carrying a Smile Box with me. i will put your present and/or letter to Hyde in the box and the day of the concert, i will give put the smile box in the gift box they'll have for Hyde. there will most likely be two other girls (my best friends) will be carrying Larc En Ciel Smile boxes too. soo i'll set a day for the gathering if anyone replys to this!! ^_^

here's the pics of my Smile Box!! i just finished making it!!

i'll be walking around Fanime with my Smile Box sooo look for me and say hi!! ^_^

That'd be neat. <3 I couldn't get tickets for the Slim's show in SF, so I got tickets to the one in Anaheim. I'm going with my friends. Exciting! <33

I'd be interested in a Laruku gathering, depending on what kind of silly things we'd be doing and how much else I have to do at Fanime. x3

lawl i have no laraku-ness. O: but im going to see HYDE in LA :3


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