Help with getting into the Hotel?

Started by Roger The Fox, May 08, 2006, 06:49:49 PM

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Roger The Fox

Can't find any other place to ask this and now knowing we way end up taking Bart to Fanime...I was wondering does anyone know the directions from San Francisco to the The Sainte Claire hotel? Without a car? I would really like to have some help here...thank you in advance!
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you are trying to get there by BART, am i correct? if i am, then it seems relatively easy by my perspective. the saint claire is only a ways away from the convention center(barely a block). check the hotel's website for more info. here's the link:

to get there with bart, here is another link directly from the fanime website with details on how to get there:

as i already said, it's fairly easy to get there by bart. hell, that's how i plan on getting there if i dont have a ride.
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Like theotakuapprentice said, they have some good directions on the site. is a GREAT service.  Gives you directions down to how far you have to walk, and whether you want to take busses or not.
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Roger The Fox

Thanks..we were looking thought that and we just weren't sure how far the Bart Station was from the hotel and the convention. Looks like it was doable afterall...thank you!! *bows*
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