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Don't know how many of you play Rifts, or would like to play it.  My friend and I are going to be at Fanime the entire duration and he would like to play Rifts agains (we did last year but had a group).  I can't run a game with just one other person, just not possible.  So if anyone else would be interested in playing a full group of say 3 or 4 would be great.  Even if you haven't played Rifts, I just change it up to make it simpler and more entertaining.  Anywho, if interested post here or send me an email at


Ayanami Rei First Child:
If you would tell me about this game called "rifts" then I MIGHT be interested in playing. Since I have no knowledge of said game, I can't really say too much one way or the other. ^^;

Short Version:  Rifts RPG is a tabletop pen & paper D&D style game set in a post-apocalyptic world in the far future where various dimensions have actually merged with our own suddenly bringing about magic, psionics, massive technological advances, etc etc.  Just imagine a really cool futuristic world where just about anything can happen, or has already happened.

In order to play, you just need this:  some inkling of how to play a Pen & Paper RPG lol.

It runs on a D20 system, for the most part, and uses some D6.  I don't really follow most of the rules and actually dumbdown most of them to make the game flow better.  A lot of the time I just want the game to be fun, and not be bogged down by having to figure out how many bonuses character A has that can be used to attack character B while restraining a punch and inflicting the negative of blah blah.  Just gets annoying trying to do all that and people seem to like having a simplistic battle system anyway.

So, if you know how to play any pen & paper RPG (D&D or one of the millions of other RPGs out there), then please feel free to play :).  If you have any more questions about the game, just ask.  There's a lot to the world of Rifts, but most of it you don't need to know to play lol.


Ayanami Rei First Child:
I'm down with it. It sounds a little like BESM....only hideously more complex....but you seem to compensate for that. ^^;;

Awesome :).  My friend will be really excited.  He was really bummed that he might not get to play this year since our third groupie won't be going.

So, would you like me to draw you up a character, or would you like to do one at the con?  Usually it takes about half an hour to draw one up, but that depends entirely on who's doing it lol.
I'm going to probably run a CS (Coalition States) game.  The CS basically are a faction of humans, and only humans, who are somewhat like an America gone horribly wrong.  They hate D-bee's (anything that isn't human) and magic users (human or otherwise), and basically are at war with just about everyone that is those two things.  The people themselves have actually been led through propoganda to believe that those two groups of people are evil, etc.  So, it's really interesting because the players are limited in what they can pick, but the GM (Me :) ) has a giant library of fascinating little creatures to pick to throw at the players.

Anywho.  Umm, all you'll need to have with you basically is a brain (so you can keep count of your health/armor, and use whatever skills your character has), a few D6 (6 is a good idea), 2 D10, a D20, and usually that is all, though sometimes there are D8's that are used.  But anything that you don't have I'll have so no biggy.

So, umm.  Yeah, we've got about two weeks to figure out how to meet up and figure out when we all would like to play, etc.  As a note, my GMing style is basically taking all the rules (there are a lot in Rifts), throw most of them out, and change a few so it becomes a lot simpler and more entertaining.  You'll probably only have to roll for 4 or 5 things throughout the entire game:  Attack/Defend, Use Skill, Use Magic/Psionics, Perception, and Determine Damage (such as when you're hit with something big that could knock you out, you roll to see what happens to you).
If you have any questions just ask :).  In the meantime, I'll get an idea going for this and we'll figure out how to meet up, etc.


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