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Are there con-designated hotel floors/regions?


Is there a specific group of rooms/floors in a specific hotel where most of the con goers will be?  Was thinking about having a room near the hustle and bustle and setting it up with some extra chairs/my music setup and have people over. Also curious if the hotels have patios, etc.

There are no specific areas where Con goers will be but generally during these Con events, the four major hotels (Marriott, Hilton, Saint Claire and Crown Plaza) are relatively full of Con goers, "Otaku" are spread out to a certain degree but you probably have a 8/10 chance of randomly being placed in a highly populated "Otaku" area.

If you do decide to setup your room in an open fashion to other Con goers be weary not to disturb other people staying at the hotel and avoid blocking exits because thats a fire hazard or Hotel Management will have something to say about it.

I wouldn't suggest the Hilton because there are noise rules after some hours because the airline pilots stay there when they're at San Jose..


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