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lying is an art form:
I forgot how much manga cost at the con, was it like 10% off retail? Because I'm debating between buying 1-9 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and 1-13 of Bleach now or at-con. I can get Tsubasa for about $8/volume and Bleach for about $5.50/volume brand new right now, or is it cheaper at-con if I buy in bulk? =P

frankly, my suggestion is that you should wait until the convention, since some dealers do offer discounts if you buy a certain amount, and the deals usually get even better of manga on the last day of hte con, since they want to clear as much inventory as possible.

i plan on waiting till sunday or monday to buy some manga. i hope that answers your question as best as possible. 8)

lying is an art form:
Ah, thanks =P I'm just worried they'll run out of what I want haha

If you think there is an item in short supply that you want, you should buy it right away when you find it.

While there may be great deals to be had late in the convention, remember that most dealers are isolated from their suppliers/warehouses during the convention, so what is in their booth may be all they have for the duration. Once it's gone, it's GONE!

also if you think it will stay there its always good to pick it up at the end of the con seeing as many dealers give discounts seeing as they dont want to take it back to thier stores


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