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Calling All Fanime Board Peeps!!! Gathering Info

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UPDATE 5/18See the links on posts below... but...

Here is what I was thinking... if each person who plans to attend brings their favorite candy then we can exchange them and meet each other that way. All you would have to do is wrap your favorite candy in wraping paper of some sort.

Then attach to it a 3 X 5 card that has your Fanime Boards name, Your name, and include something about you. Something about me would be.... *hummm... my favorite color is Sapphire Blue, I love to shoot photos, play video games, watch anime, and costume. Some of the games I play/played are everything Mario Bros and Zelda, Parasite Eve, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, Spyro, DDR, Dynasty Warriors, Star Fox, Devil May Cry 1, 2, & 3... and lots more. My first costume was Kuronue from Yu Yu Hakusho.

What do you think? If you think you would come then please post so we can get an idea on how many people will be there.  I have moved it to be in accordance to the pannel from 2 - 4 pm on Friday. I was thinking we could exchange at another time if everyone wants to. Maybe 7PM?

Post me... ^^)

Have you read this thread?

i think that's a good idea! i would love to attend it's just i dont know what time my club and i will arrive at Fanime. we're leaving right after school and we have to wait until 4 for some people. i'll most likely come! i love meeting people!! ^_^

x: hex yes i would enjoy this

xD now to choose a favorite candy

I went to the other thread and I asked them what they thought I should do... I want to put that here too. Maybe we can meet and invade the pannel later before they leave for dinner *LOL

I just wanted something simple and fun that wouldn't take a lot of time but would give us a chance to meet each other and have a bite of something sweet ^^P *Chocolate!!! YUMM!

Tell me what you guys think too... OK???.

Toodles ^^)


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