2006 Early Registration Badges

Started by princessblade, May 15, 2006, 12:23:21 PM

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Hey everyone.

I was wondering how the early registration badges differ from the pre-registration badges. I know the early-reg badges aren't laminated, but is that it? What are the dimensions?
I'm asking because since I did early-reg, I want to get a plastic holder for mine so it won't be ruined.

Thanks for your time.


Not laminated...  hmmmm... I'm pretty sure they were laminated last year.  I think.  I've never had one, but someone I know did.  Well, I know they don't just throw a slab of paper at you, because it could so easily be damaged or destroyed.  Might just be in a little plastic shield or something.

But, regardless, I think that's the only real difference.  The pre-reg badges are, as they say, 'spiffier'... little images and stuff, and the early reg ones are often B&W.
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On-site reg and early reg badges are typically printed in black ink only. To differentiate the days and badge types they are printed on differently colored paper.

And obviously, the pre-reg badges are laminated and in full color. Ooo...spiffy.

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