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Emergency need help


Can someone please tell me if dealers room is selling sasuke cosplay shirt? I don't think I will be able to get it made by fanime. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or at least tell me how do I get contact with the manger of dealers room.

Akito Starwind:
i dont think so due to the fact that Naruto is Lacsiced* in the US now so all naruto stuff has to be Laget. But i have seen them in years past so if you can find one. that would be great.

lying is an art form:
Wow so you like, totally ignored my reply and made another topic about it...

"If I don't get replies, I'll post it again"?

As I said, if you want one badly goto one of those Asian markets. You'll find a bunch for like $80 a pop.

Akito, it's licensed and legit =P


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