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Looking For A Roomie For Marriot Hotel 2 Beds Sat Only Open

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Ayanami Rei First Child:
Everyone I've tried to get into this room has cancelled on me.....thus I'm hoping to get someone to share it with me so that I won't have to pay the full $99 dollars. Sliding scale available upon request.

question: how many nights is it, and how much would it be? just curious...

Ayanami Rei First Child:
Friday day to monday at noon. Price? Well I'm trying to go for around $50, since that would be half. I MIGHT be getting one other roomate, but that's totally iffy.

um, isnt it 99 dollars per night? $50 then would be half of one night. is my math bad?

Actually it's $99 plus 10.07% tax, so it's actually $110.06 per night.


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