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What kind of work positions are open for volunteers?

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Well, we're all volunteers, technically... there won't be openings until after the con for these positions (which we call staff).

But when we refer to "volunteers" or "vols", we mean members that have already registered and paid, and are then volunteering time at the convention in order to get a refund.

Some volunteers are dedicated. They do one specific job. It's like being staff, but you have to pay first.

Most volunteers are not - they do whatever needs to be done. That can mean watching doors (so that no one can go in or out), moving things around, relaying messages... all kinds of things. (I've never been an at-con vol myself, so maybe someone else will come and explain it better.)

It usually ranges from watching the doors in the dealers room, moving equipment, and registration to handling screening room projectors. There's more, but this is probably the gist of what I can recall from my volunteer experience.

edit: The Fanime Antagonite Fashion Show are also requesting volunteers to help out for Saturday so that'll be an event that volunteers can sign up for.

When I volunteered for last year, I went over to this one volunteer office where we had a list of jobs to pick from as well as shifts and number of people needed for each shift. Of course I registered at the convention with my anime club so I did this after registration was taken care of. If you're dropping in for one day, you can always leave your stuff over at the volunteer office where the staffer can watch over it as you do your shift and basically enjoy the convention with the time that you won't be using to help out.

If you're a volunteer, the minimum hours for reimbursement is reduced compared to staff's requirements so volunteers just need 20 hours(5 hrs/day) to reimburse a full registration and 5 for a one-day pass while staff need 24(6 hrs/day).

And so if I want to be a volunteer, I just show up when I get to the convention? I don't need to sign up first? I'm 19, so I don't need a waiver, but there's nothing to sign up for in advance?

You can't really sign up for anything unless you have a volunteer badge. There's a volunteer registration booth at the convention so after you pay for registration at the volunteer registration booth, they'll give you your badge and tell you where you need to go to sign up for a shift. The volunteer office should have a list up for you. I dunno if they changed the volunteer process this year, but it should be similar to that. I don't have much details on the stuff, but you can always ask registration/volunteer staff about it.


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