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Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) Gathering?


Alright, after scouring the forums I decided there isn't a Weiss gathering arranged yet, so I took it upon myself to do the organizing. Of course, I'm working under the assumption that there's enough interest, but with myself as Aya (Ran), and good friends as Schuldig, Youji, Aya-chan, and certain unconfirmed others, I know there's enough for a small (read: intimate) gathering.

Considering the gatherings of other more prominent anime are scheduled primarily during Saturday and Sunday, I thought Friday afternoon would be a good time for a Weiss Kreuz meetup. Perhaps the fountains out front would serve as an acceptable backdrop for photos (and everyone knows where they are, which helps).

Ideas and suggestions are encouraged, so let 'em fly. I wanna hear everyone who's interested in participating.

I think Friday 3:30 PM sounds good...but that's personally to my convenience haha...I have a Nagi to bring along.  And possibly a friend to be Aya-chan.

Friday 3:30pm? Sounds good to me. I'll be running around as Aya all day anyways. See you then^^.

XD Wait, so 3:30 pm on Friday we're meeting at the fountains?

3:30pm. Fountains. Got it. See you there.


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