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Forgot your Username and Password? (PLEASE READ)


If you have forgotten your registration username and password you may email us at However please note a couple of things:

1) We are receiving a TON of email from people who have forgotten their usernames and passwords. So please be patient with us as it may take a while to get back to you.

2) Please tell us your name, your email address, your account number if you can, and your mailing address. The additional information is for security purposes.

Thank you!  :D

just a question!!!
do u guys able to finish reading all the email before saturday...
because if you cant finish on time, we, the poor people cant go to faniem this year

we will cry

We are extremely busy this week so we are having a difficult time to read and answer emails. However, we are trying out best so please be patient with us. However, I will say that after Friday morning your chances of receiving a reply will be rather slim.


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