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Author Topic: Karaoke Original Lyrics Contest (Sunday  (Read 2311 times)

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Karaoke Original Lyrics Contest (Sunday
« on: May 21, 2006, 10:33:59 PM »

Karaoke Original Lyrics Contest

For the third time, we'll be running an Original Lyrics Karaoke Contest!

This contest will be held Sunday, 11PM, in the Karaoke room.

Prizes will be given out for the following categories:

Funniest Performance
Most Dramatic (Serious) Performance
Most Entertaining Presentation

This is a completely separate event from the main Karaoke Contest. You are more than welcome to enter the main contest and this contest.

If you intend to sing original lyrics you wrote yourself (also known as "filking" in some fandoms), this is the contest to sign up for. Original lyrics are not allowed in the main contest.

To sign up for the contest, please come by the Karaoke Room during its operating hours (most of the convention). We will take signups beginning when the Karaoke Events room is open.

Rules are as follows:

* It is strongly recommended that all contestants provide their own music on audio CD. We'll have vocal dampening for those who don't have karaoke (non-vocal) versions of their songs. You may look through our song library before signup, but we do not guarantee the availability of any particular song.
* You can use any song (doesn't have to be an anime song), but the theme must be anime, j-music, video game, or fandom related.
* One song per person/group. Songs can be up to 5 minutes long.
* You must write your own original lyrics. We've already heard all the ones such as "La Isla Nagisa," "Yaoi World," "Pretty Fly For a Fanboy," and "X X Baby" so please do something original.
* You must provide a hard copy of your lyrics for the judges' reference. You can either turn in a copy when you sign up for the contest, or you can give the lyrics sheet you used to the judges as you come off stage after your performance.
* Let's try and keep the lyrics clean. Same conduct policy as the regular contest (PG-13 standard) applies. We reserve the right to review lyrics before your performance.
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