Looking for free stuff at Fanime06? Or just something to do?

Started by asianfilm, May 23, 2006, 03:47:32 PM

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Hey folks,

I'm Brandon, the manager of Asian Films at Fanime. This year, we'll be giving away tons of stuff in between the screenings of the films we're showing this year. Make sure to check us out and get as much free stuff in your hands as possible!

If you've never been to any of the Asian Film Rooms before, don't usually check out the video rooms, or just think Asian film only consists of spooky horror or martial arts, there is a lot you've been missing out on. I've been running the Asian Film Rooms at Fanime since FanimeCon 2000, and the rooms and our crowds have only been getting larger each year. The reason for that? Quality entertainment, great crowds, and one of the most unique experience you'll find at Fanime.

There are a lot of similarities between Anime and Asian Film. Not only are both industries that started by attracting cult audiences, but both provide entertaining stories that have an Eastern flair, making them different from the type of programs and films that we see here in the West. Also, both are forms of entertainment that have reached a boom in popularity. If you haven't caught on yet, now is as good a time as any.

Whether it's the Miyazaki-like wonder of a film like Welcome to Dongmakgol or the innocent beauty of a film like Just One Look, there are plenty of films this year that are sure to please, whether they are films you just haven't seen yet or the first Asian film you experience at Fanime this year. In addition, we have live-action movies based on Initial D and NANA, as well as the film Koi no Mon (also known as "Otakus in Love") and the drama Densha Otoko, which all have their roots in Anime/Manga and Fandom.

So make sure to check out the Asian Film Rooms this year! Even if you only come in for one movie, it may just be the best thing you see at Fanime '06 this year.

The schedules:
Fanime Asian Films 2006 - http://www.fanime.com/video/view.php?cat=5
Fanime Asian Dramas 2006 - http://www.fanime.com/video/view.php?cat=6
Fanime Asian Film Marathons 2006 - http://www.fanime.com/video/view.php?cat=7

PS - Don't forget:
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.....you will live to regret bringing this to my attention.

*grabs a shopping cart*



You did say drama, but I just want to double-check -- Densha Otoko movie or TV series?

Edit: Nevermind, just checked the schedule, and it IS the TV series.  KITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~  I'm so there.
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It is seriously impossible to get enough Densha Otoko. "Love" is not a strong enough word for that series. I've been completely addicted to the series since I first saw it at JTAF in December. :D

I might just have to drop by to watch an episode or two if I have any free time! With Densha Otoko, the more people there are in the audience, the funnier it is. :)

*Bounces around excitedly*



Quote from: "FiliKlepto"You did say drama, but I just want to double-check -- Densha Otoko movie or TV series?

Edit: Nevermind, just checked the schedule, and it IS the TV series.  KITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~  I'm so there.

We had the choice to show both the movie and the TV series, but we thought that might be overdoing it. Instead of showing the movie, we decided to put Koi no Mon on the film schedule, as it's a love story between two otaku (a doujin artist and a cosplayer). I definitely think it wouldn't be a bad call to check this movie out, either.

In general, the schedule this year is really good. In the time I've been staffing Fanime, I don't think I've ever put together a schedule that is as good as this year's, which is more reason for all of you to come visit the Asian Film rooms.

Also, if you're looking to find out more about Asian Films, I will be hosting two panels about Asian film at the convention as well. Feel free to check those out as well.  :)
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would there be posters of J-idols or Talents?  :wink:

i want a yuko ogura poster, dang it!  :mrgreen:
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Will there be previews for other movies coming out like Saikano live action or anything like that?

Saikano looks awesome. I loved the series and manga... ^_^
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I'm looking forward to seeing the movies, esp. the one about the otaku and the cosplayer. Will the freebies be in BOTH anime movies rooms or just one?Is it a contest? What kind of freebies? I can't wait to see the comedies :lol: