almost there!!

Started by DJpNoiEcLipSe, May 23, 2006, 10:23:11 PM

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Fanime is soo close!! anyone hyped up?? i know i am!
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Absolutely! Whyever not? I'm going there tomorrow, day 0!
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I'm looking forward to tomorrow's last minute packing panic attack.
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i feel so loved!


I'm looking forward to getting all 10 badges for my group tomorrow...

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Tomorrow is the pre-emptive strike, I have to finish up a few fine line details and then I'll be good to go. Fanime, Im going to rock you.


I gotta get ready for the line.
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Yay, Haruko.


o___o!!!! ARRG I gotta get ready then *scurries arround with a packing list*



i actually just finished packing.....*looks at the heap of clothes on her lap* >_>
ok so not 100%, but i got all the little detail things packed XD


I'm the only one not panicking in my house scurrying to get ready.  Not that I am ready or anything...just don't feel like stressing out at the moment.


I haven't packed anything...1 suitcase is for stuff I am selling at the swap meet...and my other suitcase is 1/2 full of stuff to sell and whatever clothes I can fit in there is what I am taking..LOL

So yay!  But there is a load of stuff to do today for tomorrow...Sighs....


w00t!  I'm pumped!  I mean REALLY PUMPED!
I didn't pre-reg so I will be packing tomorrow and then going as soon as classes are over friday.  Spent last class getting my schedual together, I have every day planed so I'm staying up until at least 3AM, later some nights!  :twisted:

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Just need to pack my car with the stuff for the swap meet, and I'll be there tomorrow afternoon until the late evening.

Anyone planning on cosplaying tomorrow for Thursday?  I'll be taking pictures throughout the day/evening and depending on how busy it gets I'll upload them onto  So hope there will be some cosplayers for the pre-reg. day before Fanime begins! :)
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Yeah, you can tell it's almost con time from all the 503 Forbidden and Service Temporarily Unavailable errors. Our poor server is crying for mercy.
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Quote from: "Zain"Yeah, you can tell it's almost con time from all the 503 Forbidden and Service Temporarily Unavailable errors. Our poor server is crying for mercy.

Heheh. I know, I feel bad for it. But not bad enough to drag myself away from the forums right now. <3


Man, I can't wait to go to fanime, it's time to party!!!
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yup yup its party time yo~

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/dies at school on thursday




I'll be there tonight, so time to party-hard hehehe :D
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