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Started by uBerLyNuMB, May 28, 2006, 02:52:18 PM

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puwahaha the sequel to the 2005 one...
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Thanks to all the fans who came out for MusicFest Saturday night! If you have pictures of the bands we look forward to seeing them, or you can post them up on their MySpace pages.





Not many pics atm, but I should have some of my friends pictures up soon.
If you see a pic you want, send me a PM with your e-mail and I'll send you the HQ version!

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Anyone see me? I was the gothic bat thing with a pink heart. (I was supposed to be the Hellsing Organization's logo) I was only there for saturday, but I won first place in the saturday 10am Game Show! Yep, that was me!
And my friend was the girl who won the Yaoi con raffle on saturday. (she won the riza/roy poster! *hates her*) :XD The funny thing is everyone thought she was Ed form FMA when she was really Alucard from Hellsing....

So anyway, here are my con pictures!
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:3 these are my pictures and for those who didnt get to see Kamijo i took some lovely photos of him on saturday and sunday at the dealers <3


Hey hey and HIYA! Imma post some of the pics I got (A lot[ me, this was my first con >w<]) later cuz they're taking FOREVER to load onto teh comp!

And I know there was a Kairi somewhere there? You got a picture of my and my sister, uh...I think the "Official Hugging Girls"? yeah, the ones that were having a hugging/glomping contest! So....uh...I hope some people remember me! And my cute little sister! :D I would also like that picture please! And I'd like to have your deviantArt too!

I wasnt there Friday though( :cry: ) but if someone has pictures of the stuff that HAPPENED on Friday/the cosplayers, then link please! THANK YOU!

Uh...I forgot everything else I was gonna conclusion...

I'll edit my post when I get to downloading my 100+ pictures on this slow computer TT3TT


Our pics are up at Probably won't have finished labelling them yet, but the time and date should be right unless I forgot to set/unset daylight savings time on my camera or something.


Just wondering, but are there any pictures from the fashion show? I had to leave early for a birthday party that I couldn't get out of (>A<) so I didn't get to see the show. D:
<img src="">

Phackie's lovely Miya color bar. <3


Hopefully I can find a few pictures of me and my gf... we were the Pac-Man/Mrs. Pac-Man superhero team  :D


My own Cosplay Photography Page:
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Mine is not finished yet but:

NOTE:I you see a picture I took of you and you don't like it, please specify and I'll try and do something (if I took a picture of you and its embarassing, for example).


Sweet, you took one of the typo! NICE! 8)
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Yay, Haruko.

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I've finished posting all 1100 pictures from just Friday and you can check them out here:

Most of the pictures are from most of the gatherings, photoshoots of my friends & their costumes, and pictures of cosplayers as I walked around most of the day.

Saturday through Monday's pictures will go up next, starting with Saturday's.  Hopefully those will start to go up soon, so thanks for your patience! :)
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cant wait till next yr


Something a friend and I made at Fanime during some downtime.
There's a bit of language, if you care about such things. Rated PG-13... or something.

Yes. We were bored. But it was alot of fun to make!

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Just finished uploading all 400+ of this year's photos!  They're right here!  :D
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here's some photo's i uploaded on me and my bf's cosplay duo account enjoy!
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Can people stop posting pictures of cosplay, and start posting more pictures of these two:

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Quote from: "Tiger of PTS"Can people stop posting pictures of cosplay, and start posting more pictures of these two:

It depends on what pictures people take at conventions, so you're going to get a mixture of pictures.  Obviously, I take pictures of cosplayers, so expect a lot from me, like these:  some examples of my fave costumes on Fanime FRIDAY) :

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i'll post up my pictures up soon, my boyfriend didn't take much pics with my camera cause i've been busy working on stage zero, so obviously i couldn't take pics myself... eheheh but anyways i'll post it once i get the chance to upload all the pics on my camera.

btw its nice to see pics of me and my bf when we were doing cloud and tifa duo =D i want to see the funnie shots we did though! i wonder who has them, >O_o< anyways =D laterz
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