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Started by uBerLyNuMB, May 28, 2006, 02:52:18 PM

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this is my fanime 2k6 pictures. They are in my myspace blog. I took 300+ pictures i think. have fun.


I'll post mine as well once I get my computer to work.
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Quote from: "Hyperian"this is my fanime 2k6 pictures. They are in my myspace blog. I took 300+ pictures i think. have fun.

dead link


Hey I didn't take many pics (actually cuzz I wasn't carrying a camera), but a few people took mine. By chance did anyone happen to have a pic of me? I was Ayame from Tenchu Kurenai. I was dressed in all purple with lots of bandages plus two tantos on my back.



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Less pictures of cosplayers, more pictures of Mineko!!!


Hey everyone, here's the first half of my 2006 photos I took for my web site (count so far about 200 pictures):

I was wearing a plum(Sumomo) costume as well as a green dancer costume form Sakura Taisen.

I'll probably let you guys know when the last 200 are up
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if anyone has a picture of songstress lenne and yuna, i would appreciate it if you sent me the link by PM or replying to the thread. we were the 2 little asian girls...lenne had the black boots on, and yuna (me) had the brown boots. please send if you have it. thanks! XD
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If anyone has any pictures of t-shirt ninja's any of them.. can you please send me a link in a pm i havent found any of the t-shirt ninja pics yet =( Thank you ^-^ (- -)


Quote from: "NachoManLance"Hopefully I can find a few pictures of me and my gf... we were the Pac-Man/Mrs. Pac-Man superhero team  :D

Is this you?  that doesn't sound right, somehow.  Is this pic of the two of you?    (hope this link works, I just joined photobucket)

EDIT: Here's the link to the rest of my pics.
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got mine sitting here...pix from masquerade in a day or two.


Does anybody have any pictures of a red lolita and a moogle? Because that is my friend and me, and I wanted to find some pictures of us. Thank you very much!


Does anybody have pics of Roxas w/ an Organization member on each one of his sides pic? I ended up not taking pics of myself lol...


Pics are up!
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enjoy! :D
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Um... anybody see a yachiru (Pink haired vice captain from bleach)? I had REALLY pink hair, and I had a Dark stained arm shield... I remember people taking pictures of me duking it out with another yachiru on the dealer room floor.
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xxxplizit (pogi1kenobi)

I'll be uploading pictures soon once around 175 pictures with over 200 MB are uploaded.  Yeah yeah, I took a load of em.
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I got in about 30 or so pics, some good, some bad. Most of them are of the good cosplayers...yeah, have fun.