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Started by RyuHayabusa, May 29, 2006, 05:27:15 PM

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Quote from: "Kyokun"Oh, yeah, one more thing.  I would've preferred to have women's Fanime shirts (i.e. babydoll) with a front print rather than a youth's t-shirt.  I bought the youth one, but it doesn't fit nearly as well as a women's cut shirt would've.  The only women's shirt was only available as XL and I think they were leftover from last year.  I really really liked the pattern this year, and would've loved it even more if it was printed on the front, instead of the back.

AMEN. I hate men's t-shirts. This is a gripe I am going to bring up myself at the staff dead dog. Honestly, men's t-shirts simply do not fit women very well, and if you have any sort of chest at all it makes you look terrible to have the shirt gape out in the front. Fitted shirts for women! Babydolls or something like that :) The days of cons having 100000 men - 1 woman attendance is over, we are now pretty much 50/50: and we deserve t-shirts for girls too! :D

just my 2 cents ^^


I just wanna say I thought the rap was sorta out of place at a con, too, but I'm a big hip hop fan so I really dug it. But I guess family-friendliness is an issue.

I agree with Spiritsnare that Artist's Alley in the Exhibit Hall felt like Comiket! Well, as portrayed in Genshiken, anyway =b.

Also, I really appreciated when big events were announced in the Dealer's Room! I'd love more schedule reminders like this!

look for mikuru @ fanime 2007 (;

Nina Star 9

more signage at places, such as the entrance to the halls that have the video rooms and the like, in the hotels near where the video rooms are (like how the asian films rooms are way around the corner of the marriott, have the signs up closer to the convention itself with arrows), this way, i can figure out with a glance where things are- instead of "oh, i wonder if there is anything down this hall?" it would be "oh, look! panel rooms 1-3 are down this hall, and video rooms 5-8 are down that hall!", you know? it makes it a LOT easier.

unless there were such signs and i am blind. :P


I stuck around for the con gripes session on mon. The gripes were unusually "mild". Nobody was outright disappointed, just slightly bugged that there were a couple of small things which could of been done better.

I remember back in the "good old days" when the gripe session would reach near the "boiling point" as con goers seriously questioned if management had any competency whatsoever. To be honest some of those gripes had legitimacy!

However there were obvious mistakes made in the past which today would never slip past a more experienced upper-management team we have today compared to 5 years ago.  

yes the fond memories.  :D


Well, I might as well put in my 2 cents.

Gaming Room: 5 Stars: Totally awesome! Pleanty of good games and a ton of room. Almost too much room! Adding the Tabletop gaming in that Exibition hall would have helped, I think.

Artist Alley: 3 Stars: It was nice to be able to walk freely instead of around tables like last year. And I really got a good chance to look at everyone's artwork without worrying about hitting someone with something. But it didn't get much attention. There was this one artist that told me they had only sold two of the KH posters she made (me being the second person), which really surprised me. I thought they were wonderful and I've got it hanging on my wall. Not sure if it has anything to do with people's taste or the lack of advertisement to the room, but I thought I should bring that up. Also, the placement of some booths was kinda awkward. I didn't like having to travel all the way to the end of a row just to see one table. Better placement would have helped there.

Stage Zero: 4 Stars: that was a great addition. The quick draw competition was cool and they had a variety of great stuff. the rap was out of place though. And it did get crowded when something big was going on.

Dealers Room: 5 Stars: I personally had no problems here. Good job.

Viewing rooms: 5 Stars: Great Selection and large rooms. The Bleach marathon was fun and I was surprised to se Yakkate Japan there too (I didn't get to watch much though, I was dead tired). Air was definately fun to watch and the One Piece movies are always a blast.

Schedules: 2 Stars: Too small. Other than that they were easy to understand.

Mascarade: 3 Stars: Too many walk-ons all at once. It was crazy.

(I know that the last two have already been addressed but I wanted to say it anyway.)

I think that's it. I'll definately be coming back next year. Fanime is way too much fun to miss it!


Lisu's con experience:
First and foremost the Dealers room- awesome, I found things I didn't even know I would ever want, and got. Spent all my money Friday, and had to dip into other source (+plus it was so cool when Kamijo was there)

Artist alley-didn't really make this a priority...and regretted it. I personally love having it in its own room.

Masquerade- awesome, loved skits, even loved the walk ons, and yes, I did love the stage ninjas.

Music fest-dang, it was good...that's all.

Stage zero- made me laugh so much with some random stuff. Loved it.

Signs! Posters! Big, colorful and maybe if possible have some art on them. Many things in danger of not having enough exposure (like artists alley) could have had one like: 'Artist alley' here...because, well, it was.

Hand schedules are one thing, but also poster sized ones at info booth could have helped very much.  There was time I did not have one and had to wait in line to check stuff out.

During the masquerade, if possible, the announcer could say if the next thing is a walk on. Part of the "huh?" moments was when they said something, awesome costumes come out, and they abandon you with need for more. Just if we knew it'd be a walk on, we'd be ready.

Lastly is a minor one.  But in some long lines, it could have helped to have an informative marker saying that some place wasn't the end of the line and pointed were.  I understand that places need not be blocked, but I (and a couple others) got confused a couple times.


Quote from: "Green_Tea"
3. People need to keep a better eye on the rave/dance. There were seriously three couples we caught having sex in there IN ONE NIGHT!

PICS OR IT DIDN"T HAPPEN! I heard about this and thought gee I think I wll take a vidcam with night vision incase that happens next year. Probally make $$$ for the con selling it on the internet.

Quote from: "Green_Tea"
5. THE GIRL WITH THE PURPLE HAIR SHOULD NOT SPEAK AT THE "HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS PANEL!" She would not even let the other panelists speak and had no idea what she was talking about. In fact, we left 20 minutes in after we heard one of the three other panelists say "Don't worry he's not going to get to talk any ways" when the guy was on his cell phone AT THE PANEL TABLE!! On a side note though, the how to talk to boys panel was hilarious

I thought one of them sounded like Courtney Love and LOL how all of them talked. LIKE YOU KNOW!! I just think people were there for the so-so eye candy but hey that is just me :-).


Quote from: "EternalMalachi"Masquerade:
Video Programming:
Not too thrilled this year.  There were a couple Asian Live Action shows I enjoyed, but no much in the way of animé.  I'm guessing something happened where fansub animé is no longer allowed to be played?  Two years ago I was running from room to room all day to catch new animé I wanted to check out.  Was much more laid back w/ only a couple shows I had to catch.  This year, however, there were only 2 shows I wanted to see: one was the Shadow Chronicles preview that I missed because I was feeling ill, and the second was a typo on the schedule.  -,-`  All the rest of the animé that played was basically stuff I can just borrow from friends.  *shrugs*

We had fansubs running from video 1-8 which is spread out in the hotels and convention center. It sounds like you only watched the videos in the Marriot instead of going out in the CC (specifically across the marriot) and the Hilton.

What is strange about your complaint is that you have allready seen fansubs from your friends but then saying oh we are not showing them at fanime? HUH?



Quote from: "Kyokun"
Funimation’s premiere was good; I found some new anime to look forward too.  Too bad everything was dubbed.  But it still gave me a good enough preview.  I wish more distributors had previews at Fanime.

Artist’s Alley was good in the Exhibit Hall.  Except they needed more advertising.  I walked by several times before I realized it was there.

We really hope to work on this more next year.  Particularly in advertising the Artists Alley.  There have already been a few good ideas spoken of for this that get me pretty pumped.

As for other industry support.  Its up to them to come, they are always welcome =}
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i saw many domo kun t-shirts. they r so adorable!!!!
but those fanime t-shirts are not well-designed, and they are 20 bucks each...
so expenisve.....

hope next year, the dealer's room have more gundam seed destiny figures

or naruto ones


Stage Zero was probably one of the coolest additions, I have one suggestion though:

For stage zero next year you should have a number of gaming tournaments, but with people who really don't know how to play. ^_^

I think that would be funny to see a few people who suck at games playing Smash Bros. or something like that...entertaining + prizes for participants.

That or stick with the typical gaming tournaments, but at Stage Zero. Random matchups for stuff like Guilt Gear X2, Soulcalibur games, etc...

That would rock.
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What I liked and disliked? Anoo . . . here's a few:

meeting new people
cosplaying Edward Elric
hanging out

drama happening around me
not going to the karaoke room as I originally planned
not practicing enough for the cosplay competition
"Don't give me any orders."

Kiba, seeing as I only went on the last day I don't really know how much of the rest of the weekend went, but let me just point out some things I found of interest. ^_^

I loved where the Artist Row was. It was easy to look at each individual artist and really see what they had, unlike last year where every time I returned it was like, 'Oh! I didn't even notice you!' Even though we weren't sure where it was at first ( since we weren't expecting it to have gotten moved xD ) it was easy to find ( I mean, the room was RIGHT THERE ) and overall, I just really love the way it was set up.

Also, just a little side note, the ladies at the Yaoi-Booth ( is there a way I can personally tell them this ) where SO nice! They were absolutely the sweetest ever. When I asked them to check the doujinshi's before I purchased them, I just explained to them the situation and they were more than willing to help. xD An extra thanks to them for me. ^_^

Hm..let's see, what else. Well, like I said, I didn't really do a whole lot, but this Monday was a nice pick-me-up, and a good turn around for Fanime I think, restoring my faith in it from my hellish time last year. Great Job!!
Not funny...:(


Couple of more:

Gotta agree on the Dealer's Room.  Only one thing I really wanted to buy, and figured I could get it at AX for about the same price (though not at the booth of the licensing company which sells it).  It just seemed that all the toy shops had the same toys and there wasn't really much difference.

Of course, I had to like this:  Linda Tran, the model, sitting next to the booth for SiliCon.  :)

Back to video:  Almost wish they'd have people (not all the time) at the Info booths, especially with all the fansubs, that one could go up to and say "I like X, Y, and Z animes.  What do you recommend from all these fansubs..."  Didn't watch as much as the anime itself as I would want to.


I enjoyed the expansion to the artist's alley. Hopefully next year you guys will bring in some more well-known artists, like Scott of VG Cats, for example.

I also would have liked to see one of katie bair's wig workshops.

the schedule was hard to read...and the increased number of panels was kinda useless because who the hell knew what they meant? for example, "damn you internets". Why should i go see this panel when i have no clue what it meant? really vague, pointless panels like that one supply a truly last resort.

I got dragged to the 'how to talk to girls' panel, lingerie edition. let me tell you, that was a waste of time. even my desperate to see boobies guy friends got bored (i'm a girl). obviously the lingerie thing was just to get people to show up, and by the volume of people who left quickly you can see that the panelists failed to keep people's interests. basically, they rambled pointlessly, contradicted each other, and even ran into each other's sentences. it sounds like they didn't plan the panel in the least bit, even the part they were supposed to talk about on their own--without audience interruptions for questions etc. obviously the subject is very subjective and questionable, but the panel was very boring and dry--for men and women alike.

I would like to see an implemented time limit in the game room. Literally, the people playing in the morning are still there in the afternoon. You have to wait in a long line that doesn't move for hours. There MUST be some better way of regulating things so people don't hog the consoles/games for hours.

Um um um.  That's all I can think of right now. Oh, the publicized cosplay gathering was a good idea even though I missed the Bleach & FF gatherings. I had a lot of fun this year, moreso than last!


Hello folks and thank you for attending FanimeCon 2006 and for all of your comments both good and bad.  This year's goal was achieved, to have lots of programming.  The goal next year is to polish what you saw this year and to add one more event to our busy schedule.  

1. I promised this at Closing Ceremonies, and I will promise it now, with one  modification-You will have a READABLE schedule online 2 weeks before con.  Yes, we knew this was a problem last year and it should have been priority number one this year.  Unfortunately, issues came up that made our schedule problems unavoidable.  Damn Fluffy!

2. I am sorry folks, but Fanime has gotten TOO big for Artist Alley and Arcades on our concourse.  Even if I put Stage Zero in Exhibit Hall 1 or didn't have it at all, the concourse was CROWDED!  Now imagine tables, chairs, and Arcades!  Sorry folks, but that is a change we will have to get used to.

3. I am happy that Stage Zero was well received, thank-you.  Sean Barber, Mr. Wendell and I will be going over what worked and what didn't.  I am not sure to take Stage Zero towards info and programming highlights or more programming.  We will experiment and see.  I don't want Stage Zero to be all AMV's all the time.  

4. I am FULLY behind the CosPlay event that Marisa and Casey put on this year.  For years I have heard from CosPlayers that we do not have a true craftsmanship award at Fanime and now we do.  Remember, I want fans of CosPlay craftsmanship to have as much fun as those that like to perform in costume.  For those who spend MONTHS building their costumes, they deserve to show their work in a comfortable way.

5. As the former Dealer's liaision, I have to say that the dealer's room had a great diversity which is what Dave and I have always wanted.  Anime Jungle came back for the first time in 5 years!  As for variety of product, that is because of our bootleg policy and dealer perception.  Think about it, how vast is our video libraries right now?  How could dealers carry all the merchandise you want?   Dealers simply sell what is hot.  

6. Stage One-our constant concert room-will be back but with much revamping and not so many bands.  I saw more excitement for Kamijo than for the Yes Japan's groups.  

Once again, thank you for your participation.  I appreciate it.  If you wish to be more active in next year's programming, please create a panel or join my staff.  Your time and energy will be rewarded.

Thanks again!
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STUPID THING GETTING RID OF ME! ... I keep typing these things and then timing out. *grumble* Anyhow, what I was trying to say (only now in short-and-sweet-form) was...

Dealers Room-- Though containing more variety, the Dealer Room felt like it was a lot of clone-booths. There were many old favorites that I was glad to see, and some new ones, though it seemed like a lot of the booths were carrying the same merchandise. If there is anything we can do to ensure a bit more variety while keeping the old favorites, I'd love to see something done.

Artist Alley-- No, no. I really liked that it was in the room. I think it could have been better laid out-- perhaps a big ol' ring of tables that people can walk a loop through or something. Dunno. But there need to be more signs.

My final gripe for the day is SIGNS!! Not just outside the doors to places, because once people have found it they've found it, but actual signs pointing down hallways explaining what's back there. "Down this hallway, Video Rooms 1-5" or "Down here Logistics, Con Ops, Rovers, Elevators" things like that would be very, very useful. Because it's not just a matter of finding the room itself, but establishing that you are in fact in the right hallway.

Aside from that, I have no complaints. I really enjoyed the con, during both on and off duty times. ^_^
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We had a lot of fun this year. I personally liked how the 'Artist Alley' had it's own room. It's an Artist Area instead of an 'Alley' now, which IMO is much better and gives the Artist more room. Besides, with Stage Zero I think that it would've been insane to be out there with them. And I think that Stage Zero is a great idea with a lot of potential to kick out to put Artists back outside.

UNLESS- Here's my suggestion to try to compromise since I know that some of the Artists like it outside. Put a row of them along the wall that leads to the entrance of the Dealer's Room. Now they would get the foot traffic they want without crowding up Stage Zero. AND still keep the room. Basically giving the Artists the choice of outside or in.

Yes yes, I know... genius huh? :wink:
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I thought the con was a blast, all the great things has already been mentioned.

Music - I thought the selection of bands were all solid.
Game room - really good selection of arcades, and lots of TVs and computers for gaming.

the list goes on.

There were some things though.

-Like people have noted, the schedule sheet wasn't looking too great. There wasn't enough to go around, and it was very hard to read. Especially the font mess up for the sunday schedule. (oh well, it happens.) but i believe the old schedule sheets were much easier to read.

-Anime selection - I think this was a bigger issue imo. There were 2 huge flaws in the selection.
   One being the selection itself. I understand that there are people with different tastes and understandings toward anime, lots of hardcore fans, old skool, newbies, the works. What I don't understand is why is there series like Yugioh being shown. I would definately call some of the selections made rather "low end", and could've been replaced with more quality series that people can gain from. Maybe it was just me, but it felt like there were more empty chairs than the last couple of times I went to fanime.
   My second issue is, why so many marathons? Don't get me wrong, great series were marathon-ed like honey and clovers, school rumble and bleach. But I think theres limitations on how much episodes one person can take. It might have been better if more shows were shown in pieces rather than sets of 25. People can take breaks without missing anything. It kinda sucks if someone gets tired after episode 10 and have to miss the rest.


I know a con is a con. and Fanime Con is smaller than AnimeExpo. but i see the same vendors year after year. con after con, all in different places.

The same person selling DVDs.  the same Shop selling figures.

This really puts me down as i just tell myself.
"oh i'll just get it at AX since i know they'll be back"
or even worse
"i can find that on Yahoo Japan Auctions for cheaper, or HobbyLinkJapan or Amazon Japan, so on with Japan retail stores"
but i realize dealers are dealers and they pay FanimeCon to have a booth in the dealers room, so i dont know if there is a solution or if there even should be


besides that...
yes like everyone said.

Which hall contains which viewing rooms and why was Video 5 viewing room in the Marriot with no obvious signs.  i had to personally ask a staffer before they said "in the marriot".

take it as Fanime Con goers like myself are utterly retarded and dont know where anything is and dont want to ask staff people. this would help :)


I am STILL Not sure why the dealers room has to have a special exit door and a special entrance door.  even at AX.  security? oh well..if it is security cause, isnt there anyway this can be fixed to compensate for the security.


Dances, it would be nice if each night of the Dance there was a specific theme.  1 night hip hop, next night J-pop or J-rock, next night Electronica(Progressive Trance).

and tell us which night is when on the schedule.


the water dispensers.....they were luke warm or room temperature..thats kinda..nasty....
does San Jose convention center charge for how many watts of power Fanime Con uses up per day?  it wouldn't hurt to plug the dispensers up to the wall to give COOL and refreshing water eh? ;)


I know this is a stretch since only a minor portion of people will care, but for viewing anime that is NOT licensed.  It would be nice if you guys put which fansubbing group's version of the anime you are showing.  Its a little extra, but it does help those who care about groups translations and what not.


prob more but i can't think of anything right this moment