Official DEATH NOTE Gathering 2007

Started by scyper15, May 29, 2006, 07:20:11 PM

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Are you going to the gathering as a DN character?

Yes, definately. :D
21 (70%)
No, sorry. D:
3 (10%)
I'll be going to the gathering, but not cosplaying. Just for the eyecandy. :D
6 (20%)

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Quote from: "Krysta"Im going as Light and my friend is going as L =D

Yaoi? *w*

And I was just wondering, would you guys mind if fangirls came by unexpectedly and got, y'know, fangirly? Surprisingly unexpected glomps, millions of pictures, millions of hugs, and the usual fangirling?

^^() *is one of them* XDD


I love fan girls/boys. Glomping/receiving glomps is fun ^.^



Quote from: "Desu"so this ISN'T dead. o_o;;

No...and now that the Death Note Anime has arrived (FINALLY! 2 years late!) we shall have more fans which thus = more cosplayers  :twisted:



o-ob I'm planning to go as Nia-tan for Fanime 2007. n_n My cousin's going as Misa Misa.


Was looking for a gathering, and I'm glad to see a topic up for Death Note, but it was pushed back 3 pages! I don't think I'd cosplay, but I'm eager to take photos!


Ok so I have myself and two other people cosplaying as L(myself), Misa Misa (Kathina mcLeod) and Raito (Another person that got deleted from the form when they were down....)


Hip Hip, Ima be Misa Misa jsut like a million others >: ) lets have a battle for the best looking misa misa, XDE--<


Quote from: "Kathina_MacLeod"Hip Hip, Ima be Misa Misa jsut like a million others >: ) lets have a battle for the best looking misa misa, XDE--<

LOLZ. With an attitude like THAT, I'm sure you'll do just fine.  :lol:


I have a friend who is planning to be Misa (Volume 4 cover).

Unless I missed a post in the thread, is there a date/time set for this gathering? We'll be there only on Saturday. :(


Not to sure of the time, I'm looking foward to a Sat/Afternoon thing, before things get real busy. But I wouldn't mind a night gathering, but all the BIG stuff goes on during the night. Hm...


If the gathering is on saturday I won't be able to join.... I have my lolita picnic that day.....


oh wow.. is this still alive!? XD;;


Quote from: "scyper15"oh wow.. is this still alive!? XD;;
Apparently, however most of the Shounen Jump stuff was lumped into a massive gathering I just read about...


So....can someone inform of when this gathering is going to be happening....The con is drawing near and i think it would be kinda helpful to atleast put down a date for it ^.^''


I'm making a long-haired human-ryuk.  Hope it works out.


I think it's a good idea to just go to the Shonen Jump Gathering.. then split into our own DN group after that. :]


i might not go as L this year
if i can throw it together fast enough, i can go as remu
otherwise L might be coming

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I'm most likely gonna cosplay as L, so I might go check out the gathering. :D
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I already have my Near Cosplay for Fanime ^_^ Hopefully ill make the gathering, Hence this is my first year atttending Fanime xD