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First of all, just wanted to say I had a good time with the stamp rally this year. I got 7 stamps for that free Dear Friends shirt. Cool stuff.

Here are some suggestions for next year. I think it would be awesome.

1) Have a 'secret stamper'. Probably someone who is cosplaying. Every hour you release a new hint about the secret stamper. The first person to find them gets 10 stamps, and subsequent discoverers get 4 stamps. This would be a cool way to do a bit of hide and go seek in the midst of all those people.

2) Have the stamps apply for more than one thing. When I went to pick up my shirt I thought I would also get a raffle ticket...but it turns out that I had to choose. I would rather that it was applicable to both the raffle and the receiving of a prize.

3) More maps please. It would be good if you could try and make sure that there were plenty of maps for all 4 days.

Other than that I had a great time! I'm looking forward to next year's stamp rally!

I didn't even know how to start it this year!!!! I saw two people in the AMV awards and at the Masquerade but I didn't know if I had to have a form or what. Plus, I'd already missed most of the stamp opportunities seeing as it was Sunday!...

I just thought the weren't doing it this year!

Oh they were. The 'paper' was on the back of the stamp rally thing, it was in the dealers room, they had a booth in the last row on the left hand side.

You could've also asked a staffer at any of the stamping stations for a stamp paper if you didn't want to run all the way to the dealer's booth for one.

I appreciate the feedback from this and I'll be sure to address the concerns to my department when I get the chance. Maybe suggest more variety in the prizes as well(stupid budgets=___=).

O: i heard them mentioning a gackt stamp

o__o is it true?


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